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What Can Be Done to Empower Youth Through Economic Inclusion?

At the Seventh Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy in Lima, Peru, Youngstars Foundation and Instituto Invertir organized a workshop on October 15 to ask, “What can be done to empower youth through economic inclusion?”

A well-rounded set of recommendations emerged from the workshop:

  • Promote entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship (nonprofit sector).
  • Include youth in planning processes on economic issues at all levels. Reach out to youth to listen and build trust. Help them to articulate their issues and give them platforms.
  • Provide access to information on how to start a business, how to find a job, and what opportunities and resources are available.
  • Provide technical assistance to entrepreneurs, especially through civil society. Give them tools such as leadership, teamwork, and conflict resolution, as well as technical, management, and vocational skills.
  • Connect entrepreneurs with each other and connect different sectors that support entrepreneurs (universities, financial entities, businesses, NGOs, etc.). Share best practices.
  • Improve education policy and address structural challenges so young people will have the right skills for the job market.
  • Do not stop with training, but track the progress of participants in youth programs.
  • Support youth initiatives at the local level.

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Kaknock Foundation: Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development

The Kaknock Foundation is moving a step ahead toward empowering small scale businesses for young people.  By providing youth with commercial and industrial information and skills, Kaknock helps young entrepreneurs present a point of view on the ways and means of increasing economic prosperity.  These insights are compiled and crafted into specific policy messages, which are then presented to international forums through policy platforms, publications, and the organization’s website.  The Kaknock Foundation ultimately aims at stimulating a more enabling framework of social and environmental young entrepreneurs through the following objectives:

  • Uplift the welfare of the poor through elimination of corruption, creation of jobs, raising small scale industries, and reaching out to the poor from a grassroots level.
  • Unite young entrepreneurs in business relationships.
  • Create income generating activities for young people.
  • Become a bridge between young people and the government in trade and networking.
  • Encourage young people to become entrepreneurs.

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UBC TV Young Entrepreneurs (Uganda) – “A Networking Center for Entrepreneurs”


This is Arinitwe Stephen Da Entrepreneur / Bizness Resource Manager (Presenter) from:

YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS, A business program that inspires, motivates and innovates the youth to acquire business skills.

DO watch out for several entrepreneurs as they take us down the road to their success. Only on UBC TV every Friday at 7:30 p.m. A repeat is on every Monday at 10:00 a.m.

Are you running a productive bizness or a project, as a group, a school, an organization/association, a company or an individual? Please feel free to contact us and we will give you coverage for your venture.

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A New Publication Recognizes Youth for ‘Doing Small Business in Big Ways’

The Youth Interactive Portal for Enterprise (YIPE) is an organization whose mission is to equip youth entrepreneurs with information on starting and managing business enterprises. The recent release of its new publication, Get Inspired! Youth Enterprise Profiles, fulfills this mission and celebrates youth entrepreneurship in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Get Inspired! Volume I, “Doing Small Business in Big Ways”, profiles successful youth entrepreneurs and asks them to share their stories, discuss challenges they have overcome, and offer advice to other budding entrepreneurs. Despite the diversity of profiles presented YIPE founder, Fiona Mati, discovered that “it matters not whether the entrepreneurs are engaged in manufacturing, software development or stationery retailing, their primary motivations are not just financial security but to make a long lasting positive impact not only in their communities but throughout their countries as well as globally. The common thread running through these profiles is that these young people found a gap in the market and are exploiting it.” Continue reading ‘A New Publication Recognizes Youth for ‘Doing Small Business in Big Ways’’ »