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Cultivating Creative Leadership in Challenging Times

On June 23, 2013, the Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA) and Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) hosted a workshop of the Entrance to Enterprise (E2E) Alumni Network in Saida, Lebanon. Ms. Mona Hassouna of DPNA facilitated the gathering of 22 young participants from the local community.

The topic of the workshop was “Creative Leadership” and explored the concept of appreciative inquiry and the leadership skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur. I had the great honor of representing CIPE at this event, and was inspired by the enthusiasm and commitment of these young leaders to build a better community through entrepreneurship. The sense of camaraderie was palpable. These young people could have spent this sunny Sunday afternoon at the beach, but they chose to come together in pursuit of knowledge to advance themselves and their society. Continue reading ‘Cultivating Creative Leadership in Challenging Times’ »

Advancing Entrepreneurship in Lebanon Beyond Global Entrepreneurship Week

The Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA) is a Lebanese secular, non-profit, non-governmental organization working through a wide range of civil society organizations to meet the needs of local communities, especially the disadvantaged.  Our vision is to achieve a civic society that motivates all citizens in Lebanon to participate in public life and to lead positive change.

One of our organization’s main projects is called “Fostering Free Enterprise in Youth – FFEY”, which we have been implementing in partnership with CIPE since 2007.  Since that time, we have established a curriculum called “Entrance to Enterprise” (E2E), which is a knowledge guide aimed at introducing the concept of entrepreneurship not only to university students, but also to high-school students.  E2E trainings have been held for more than 300 students and 90 teachers throughout the past years, which led to the formation of an Alumni Network.  Most importantly, our current focus is to integrate the concept of entrepreneurship in the high-school curriculum through interactive activities. Continue reading ‘Advancing Entrepreneurship in Lebanon Beyond Global Entrepreneurship Week’ »

CIPE Entrepreneurship Update

Russia – A recent graduate of CIPE’s Youth Entrepreneurship Program in the Republic of Ingushetia received a grant of $5,600 this month to open an agricultural enterprise using the skills she had gained under the training program. CIPE is implementing the program, funded by United States Agency for International Development, in cooperation with the Ingushetia Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It provides local youth with skills in launching and operating a business. Earlier this month a second graduate in Ingushetia received a commitment for a $7,800 loan from the regional government to open a café.

Ukraine – On August 8, the Coalition of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Sumy Region, a CIPE partner, launched a training program for local young people to build their skills in operating a business in their communities. Through a National Endowment for Democracy grant, CIPE provides support to the Coalition to involve its SME members in the strategic development of the city of Sumy. Leaders of the Coalition include the Sumy Association of Employers, the Youth and Entrepreneurship Organization, and the Union of Entrepreneurs, Tenants, and Owners of Sumy.

Peru – CIPE partner Instituto Invertir has already received 1,144 applications for this year’s EmprendeAhora youth leadership and entrepreneurship program and the final day to apply is not until September 7, 2012. In order to increase the number of applications, Invertir is also promoting the program on other websites that support youth, such as Universia. Additionally, Invertir was invited to speak about EmprendeAhora on national television channel Promoviendo TV. The interview is available here

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CIPE Entrepreneurship Update

Azerbaijan – On May 1, Azerbaijan’s Entrepreneurship Development Foundation held a conference in Baku entitled “Roadmap for Developing Small Entrepreneurship.” The conference explored the legal and regulatory barriers facing small businesses in Azerbaijan, and the policy alternatives that could be developed to address them. The 55 participants and speakers included representatives from Parliament, government, think tanks, and business. CIPE Regional Director Andrew Wilson travelled to Baku to speak at the event, and to conduct meetings with local business, policy, and youth groups to explore the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs.

Russia – The Vladikavkaz Institute of Management (VIM), a CIPE partner, on April 28 awarded certificates to 19 students who completed a six-week course designed to give local youth the skills needed to launch a business and fully participate in local democratic institutions. As part of the certificate program, students drafted business plans for business start-ups, the most viable of which will be presented by VIM to the regional economic development authority for possible funding. The start-up ideas range from launching a kindergarten to opening a soccer training facility. The students, ranging in age from 18 to 24, are the fifth group to complete the youth entrepreneurship training program funded under a grant from the National Endowment for Democracy.

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CIPE Entrepreneurship Update

Lebanon – CIPE Africa and Middle East Regional Director Abdulwahab Alkebsi and CIPE partner the Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA) met with Minister of Education and Higher Education Hassan Diab to introduce DPNA’s “Fostering Free Enterprise in Youth” entrepreneurship and civic education project. The Minister was enthusiastic about the project and ordered the formation of a committee including DPNA and governmental and civil society representatives to explore options for implementing the project nationwide. Alkebsi and DPNA also conducted a meeting with Layla Fayyad, president of the Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD), the entity responsible for the curriculum in Lebanese schools, to discuss implementation of the curriculum.

Ukraine – The director of a CIPE partner at the Kyiv-based International Institute of Business (IIB), Aleksandr Okunev, played a key role in drafting proposed changes to Ukraine’s law governing limited liability companies. The changes, adopted February 27 by the Ukrainian government’s Cabinet of Ministers, are now being forwarded to parliament for consideration. The amendments would eliminate inconsistencies in existing legislation on limited liability companies. In partnership with CIPE, IIB is implementing a NED-funded project to develop a voluntary code of corporate governance for family-owned businesses.

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Global Entrepreneurship Week – Lebanon Style

“There’s a spice blend used throughout the Middle East – za’atar– which is bold, assertive, and unique in flavor. As we witnessed over the last week in Lebanon, those same adjectives might be a way to describe Lebanese entrepreneurs and the flair with which Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is being celebrated here.”

Read about Global Entrepreneurship Week, Lebanon on CIPE Development Blog.

CIPE Preview of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011

Lebanon -  Through the project Fostering Free Enterprise in Youth, the Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA) will be training the steering committee for its network of alumni. CIPE Communications Director Caroline Scullin will lead the training. This network will facilitate knowledge-sharing among program graduates and aspiring young entrepreneurs and provide technical assistance to youth interested in establishing their own businesses.

Pakistan – The Young Entrepreneurs Forum of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in conjunction with CIPE, will hold a conference Nov. 16 on developing an entrepreneurial culture. In Karachi, CIPE has a Nov. 15 event on “What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur.”

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New Curriculum for High School Students in Lebanon

On April 15, the Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA) and CIPE released a new entrepreneurship and civic education curriculum for high school students. The goal of the Entrance to Enterprise (E2E) course is to empower Lebanese youth to realize their economic potential and proactively engage in their communities. E2E emphasizes the values and traits of entrepreneurs, leadership skills, the basics of free market economics, the legal steps necessary to start a business in Lebanon, and the components of a winning business plan. The E2E launch attracted representatives from the private, public, civil society, and academic sectors, including the Minister of Education and Higher Education and Chamber of Commerce Business Innovation Center (BIC) directors.

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