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Policymakers and Grassroots Networks for Smarter Ecosystems

The Global Entrepreneurship Week movement has been at the epicenter of an explosion of interest in entrepreneurship around the globe. In recent years, we have witnessed a progression from raising awareness to exploring ways to support entrepreneurs, and finally to thinking about entrepreneurship ecosystems. Jonathan Ortmans, President of Global Entrepreneurship Week, is one of the leading thinkers who has turned to considering the crucial policy supports for entrepreneurship. He observes a new trend—and a need—toward pushing policy reforms from the top down and responding to initiatives from the grass roots upward.

In his new CIPE Feature Service piece, “Policymakers and Grassroots Networks Find They Need Each Other for Smarter Ecosystems,” Ortmans shares a bit about policy conversations at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress and the interaction that is occurring between entrepreneurship leaders, grassroots networks, and governments. This is a trend to watch and encourage and I look forward with CIPE to engaging in this dialogue with all sectors.

This article is excerpted from the upcoming CIPE report on “Creating the Environment for Entrepreneurial Success” to be published in Fall 2013. 

Kim Bettcher

GEW Policy Survey

Entrepreneurs, share your policy views by September 15.

“Global Entrepreneurship Week is committed to a world where more people are unleashing their ideas and turning them into promising new startups—solving global challenges and strengthening economic stability everywhere. As part of the preparations for the upcoming GEW 2013 in November, we are conducting a survey to assess the experience of entrepreneurs so that the outcomes may help inform future policy decisions affecting new and young firms.”

Access the survey

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Driving Youth Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

On November 14th the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) joined the Center for International Private Enterprise and  Kauffman Foundation to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week.  Aiming to determine obstacles to entrepreneurship, ICCI gathered a large number of young entrepreneurs, established businessmen, and students to discuss key impediments to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Amid their discussion, many participants voiced the opinion that the main objective should be to foster an entrepreneurial culture among youth.  CIPE Deputy Country Director Hammad Siddiqui asserts that the only way Pakistan can take advantage of its bulging youth population and push through the hard times of a sluggish economy and few jobs is to provide an environment that encourages youth towards entrepreneurial careers.  Some attendees expressed the need for the curriculum in schools to stoke interest in students.  While this is absolutely a vital part of building an entrepreneurial ecosystem, it is also important to advocate on the policy side as well. Continue reading ‘Driving Youth Entrepreneurship in Pakistan’ »

Advancing Entrepreneurship in Lebanon Beyond Global Entrepreneurship Week

The Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA) is a Lebanese secular, non-profit, non-governmental organization working through a wide range of civil society organizations to meet the needs of local communities, especially the disadvantaged.  Our vision is to achieve a civic society that motivates all citizens in Lebanon to participate in public life and to lead positive change.

One of our organization’s main projects is called “Fostering Free Enterprise in Youth – FFEY”, which we have been implementing in partnership with CIPE since 2007.  Since that time, we have established a curriculum called “Entrance to Enterprise” (E2E), which is a knowledge guide aimed at introducing the concept of entrepreneurship not only to university students, but also to high-school students.  E2E trainings have been held for more than 300 students and 90 teachers throughout the past years, which led to the formation of an Alumni Network.  Most importantly, our current focus is to integrate the concept of entrepreneurship in the high-school curriculum through interactive activities. Continue reading ‘Advancing Entrepreneurship in Lebanon Beyond Global Entrepreneurship Week’ »

Global Entrepreneurship Week in Latin America

Last week on the CIPE-supported Director of Economics at CIEN in Guatemala Hugo Maul provided an analysis of entrepreneurs’ responsibilities in their own development;two graduates of the CIPE-sponsored EmprendeAhora program in Peru –General Manager at Metrika ArquitectosMario Carrascaland President of Asociación Lidera Geraldine Vanessa Rubina – offer theirperspectives on the challenges for young entrepreneurs in Latin America; and Director of Entrepreneurship Education at Fundación Paraguaya in Paraguay Roberto Urbieta explains what Global Entrepreneurship week is about.

CIPE and also organized a Spanish Twitter chat on entrepreneurship in Latin America. Several CIPE partners from around the region, including Roberto Laserna from Fundación Milenio in Bolivia, Xavier Andrade from the Ecuadorian Institute for Political Economy (IEEP) in Ecuador, and staff from EmprendeAhora in Peru and the Center for the Dissemination of Economic Knowledge in Venezuela, helped lead the discussion among Twitter users.

Supporting the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Originally posted on the CIPE Development Blog

“Youth have inherent risk-taking ability but do not have the tools and techniques. Our labour force is expanding by 1.5 per cent per annum and there is a great need for job creators rather than job seekers.” Dr Ishrat Husain – IBA Dean and Director

One of the key factors in assessing a business friendly country is to notice the rate of entrepreneurship development. However, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Pakistan Report 2010  places Pakistan well below many of its peers in this respect.

According to the GEM report, “The established business ownership rate in Pakistan is 4.7%, which is less than the average rate for factor-driven economies (12.6%).” The report also highlights the fact that since Pakistan’s Independence in 1947 from British India, successive governments focused on the development of large-scale industries both in the public and private sector, and policies to promote entrepreneurship and small businesses were neglected. Continue reading ‘Supporting the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs in Pakistan’ »


Next week is Global Entrepreneurship Week, a worldwide celebration of the people whose big ideas drive innovation and create jobs. Join CIPE on Tuesday, November 13, from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM EST, on the hashtag #GEWChat for a global discussion of how entrepreneurship contributes to economic, social, and democratic development. (Find out what time the chat will be in your country.)

Joining us will be CIPE partners and entrepreneurs from around the world, including:

Sarfaz Rahman is the CEO of Dawood Foundation, part of Dawood Group, one of the top family-owned businesses in Pakistan. He is a Chartered Accountant who has worked at Unilever, Glaxo Smith Kline, Pepsico, and Engro Foods.

EmprendeAhora is a program run by CIPE partner Instituto Invertir that teaches entrepreneurship and leadership skills to students in Peru.

Camelia Bulat is a CIPE consultant and the director of the Regional Center for Organization Management in Romania.

Rami Shamma is Project Manager for the Development for People and Nature Association in Lebanon, which works on youth entrepreneurship issues.

…and more!

CIPE Pakistan Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week

November 12th marks the beginning of Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is the world’s largest celebration of innovators and job creators who launch startups, bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.  Participating in the activities, the Center for International Private Enterprise’s (CIPE) field office in Pakistan will host a number of group discussions across the country.  Targeting final year students and young entrepreneurs, the discussions will focus on determining the obstacles to entrepreneurship that exist and how to go about creating solutions. Sessions will be held in:

Karachi on November 12 at the CIPE Pakistan office.

Islamabad on November 13 & 14 in partnership with the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Peshawar on November 15 with a specific focus on gender in partnership with the Peshawar Women’s Chamber

Lahore on November 17 in partnership with Coffee Shop Gurus.

Global Entrepreneurship Week Survey Ends Tomorrow!

Global Entrepreneurship Week will be wrapping up their global survey on September 28, 2012.  The survey is part of an effort  to inform policy decisions regarding entrepreneurship and aims to capture young innovator’s perceptions of the entrepreneurial environment in their respective countries.  Through the survey, GEW hopes to get a better handle on which countries and policies inhibit or enable successes in enterprise.

The survey is available in 8 languages and can be completed in about 20 minutes.  Contribute your voices and share it with other entrepreneurs regardless of experience.  Choose your language below to get started!

For a copy of the final report, simply send a messagel to with your name, country, and email address.

GEW Conducting Policy Survey

In an effort to help inform policy decisions regarding entrepreneurship, Global Entrepreneurship Week has recently announced The Global Entrepreneurship Week Policy Survey.  Through this project, the Monitor Group and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation have teamed up to capture the perceptions of entrepreneurs on their country’s entrepreneurial environment.  From gathering responses to the survey, GEW hopes to get a better handle on which countries and policies inhibit or enable successes in enterprise.  The results will be distilled and inform a polished report on entrepreneurial ecosystems

The survey is offered 8 languages and should take no more than 20 minutes to complete.  GEW has asked that participants help identify other entrepreneurs in their respective countries and pass along the survey.  Click one of the links below to access the survey:

If you would like a copy of the final report when it is published, simply send a request to with your name, country and email address included.