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CIPE Entrepreneurship Update

Washington, DC – CIPE released a new guidebook on youth entrepreneurship programs for chambers of commerce and business associations. Chambers of commerce and business associations play a pivotal role in supporting entrepreneurship; they are uniquely positioned between governments looking to create economic growth and the private sector desire to develop a new generation of employees. This new guidebook is a resource for chambers of commerce, associations, and other business-oriented groups seeking to address some of the obstacles that young people face as they attempt to enter the economy in their communities. By sharing practical lessons from around the world, it serves as a guide to develop or expand successful youth entrepreneurship and employment programs. Download a copy of the newly released Guide to Youth Entrepreneurship Programs for Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations or read more about it on the CIPE Development Blog.

Ecuador – Approximately 50 university students from throughout Ecuador gathered in Guayaquil for the second session of the CIPE-supported Emprendedores Ecuatorianos youth leadership and entrepreneurship program organized by Instituto Ecuatoriano de Economia Politica (IEEP). Business consultant Oswaldo Toscano presented on marketing tools for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and was followed by SME consultant Felipe Rendón. In one activity, students were divided into groups for a mock business plan competition where they worked through each aspect of business plan development. Students also had the opportunity to work one on one with Toscano and Rendón to hone their individual business ideas.

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An Entrepreneur Spring or Winter for the Arab World?

Originally posted by Brandon Nickerson on the CIPE Development Blog

This fall, I had the opportunity to attend the U.S. Egypt Business Council Luncheon honoring Entrepreneurship Scholars from the MENA Region at the US Chamber of Commerce. It was incredible to witness the level of optimism shared by these young entrepreneurs, and to hear firsthand from them on their ideas to promote job growth and encourage entrepreneurialism in their respective countries.

As I and several of my colleagues interviewed these young entrepreneurs about their thoughts on entrepreneurship and the barriers faced by young entrepreneurs in their countries, it was evident that many of them will go on to do great things.

Whether you describe it as the “enabling environment for entrepreneurship” or the “entrepreneurship ecosystem,” job growth across the region will remain sluggish unless reforms are made to the barriers and challenges facing young entrepreneurs. Whether your business idea is contingent upon outside financing or an entrepreneurship support program, without significant reforms made to the areas that affect starting a business — property rights, access to finance, bankruptcy laws, market exit, corruption — no amount of optimism will deliver on the promise of opportunity and dignity for the average citizen. Continue reading ‘An Entrepreneur Spring or Winter for the Arab World?’ »

Schedule for Global Entrepreneurship Week, Egypt

Here is the agenda.  Are you participating?

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Changing the Image of Egypt’s Entrepreneurs

“We need more than a new ruler and a new regime…,” says an Egyptian technology entrepreneur, “Good business people create jobs and opportunity.” In this guest article on CIPE Development Blog, Elmira Bayrasli of the Peace Divident Trust argues that Egyptians must learn to distinguish between entrepreneurs and crony business and start supporting entrepreneurship.

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Egypt’s Newest Technology Entrepreneurs

Despite the country’s slump in tourism and investment, numerous start-ups are showing vitality and optimism in Cairo and beyond. A group of educated, IT entrepreneurs participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Program‘s June boot camp. These entrepreneurs have developed websites and apps in areas like health care and transportation. At the camp, they developed their business plans and four teams won a chance to attend internships overseas. Also last January, the Global Entrepreneurship Program organized a business plan competition in conjunction with the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, the American University in Cairo, and Sawari Ventures.

Read about these entrepreneurs in the New York Times/International Herald Tribune (July 16):
“Arab Spring, Start-up Summer?”

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CIPE Entrepreneurship Update

Paraguay – On Wednesday, May 11, Fundación Paraguaya and the Paraguayan Ministry of Education signed an agreement to promote entrepreneurship in the Paraguayan public school system. This accord aims to strengthen educational institutions, capacities, and make resources available to improve the quality of training programs in these institutions and to contribute to sustainable development in the schools’ communities.

Russia – A CIPE partner in the North Caucasus region of Adygea has secured a formal commitment from its regional government to help support a USAID-funded project that trains local youth to launch businesses and expand their employment opportunities. Under the agreement, the government will provide access to business-startup credit for young entrepreneurs who complete a CIPE program. CIPE’s partner, the Chamber of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Adygea, signed the agreement as part of a three-year Promoting Entrepreneurship in the North Caucasus project that CIPE is administering with USAID support.

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Untapped Potential of Young Egyptians

Fewer than 3 in 10 young Egyptians thought their country’s leadership maximized their potential, according to Gallup research conducted in 2010. This number is down from the year before, and parallels a similar change in sentiment in Jordan and Iraq. The research found the biggest factor driving this shift is “young people’s satisfaction with efforts to increase the number of quality jobs.” The findings will be published in the Silatech Index: Voices of Young Arabs in April.

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Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism: Media Coverage of the Cairo Book Launch

On November 3, CIPE participated in the launch of the Arabic translation of Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism, and the Economics of Growth and Prosperity. Read Egyptian reactions to co-author Robert Litan’s presentation, according to media coverage of the event by Al Masry Al Youm.

Kim Bettcher

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Global Entrepreneurship Week – Preview of CIPE Activities








The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) is celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010 in a series of programs, together with its international network of private sector partners. CIPE provides young entrepreneurs with the tools to become effective leaders and supports policy reform initiatives to create a positive environment for entrepreneurship.

In Afghanistan, CIPE has arranged an exhibition on November 11 at Abol Qasim Ferdawsi High School in Kabul. Students representing 11 Kabul schools from the Tashabos entrepreneurship education program—which teaches the basic principles of free enterprise—will put their products on display. The program has been coordinated with the Ministry of Education as well as the Kabul-based media. Media will have an opportunity to interview some of the students who have already set up businesses after participating in the Tashabos program.

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Guide on Access to Finance: Financial Services and Tools Available in Egypt

The Egyptian Junior Business Association has published a clear and detailed guide for SMEs on access to finance. “We aimed to write a manual that would translate the language of finance professionals to SMEs and in doing so secure the financing needed for growth. A manual that would help SMEs pursue the most appropriate type of financing based on their industry and particular circumstances.”

The Guide “provides information that clarifies and explains the different types of financing options now available in Egypt. It also relates the types of financing tools to the needs of your company at different points in time.”

Contents include:

  • How to Choose the Right Financing Option for Your Company
  • How to Get That Money
  • Taking Your Company to the Next Level

Download the Guide on Access to Finance. (English version)

Arabic version

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