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ICC Announces 2013 World Chambers Competition

In conjunction with the 8th World Chambers Congress taking place in Doha, Qatar April 22-25 2013, the International Chamber of Commerce has launched its newest addition of the World Chambers Competition.  This competition is the only global awards program to recognize innovative projects undertaken by chambers from all over the world.  Including organizations from both the developed world and emerging countries, the 2013 World Chambers Competition provides a unique opportunity for chambers to showcase originality and ingenuity.

Among the categories in which chambers can compete is “Best Youth Entrepreneurship Project.”  To compete in this category, organizations must have developed a project that showcases the importance of youth entrepreneurship.  Support programs and services geared towards helping entrepreneurs get started or expand their business are ideal programs for fostering entrepreneurship and are perfect submissions for the competition.  To qualify, any project submitted must have been in operation within a 24 month period preceding January 2013 and applications must be submitted by November 30, 2012.  Finalists will be chosen and notified by February 2013 and will be judged before a jury at the World Chambers Conference in April.  For more information and to apply, visit the ICC website.


GIST Technology Idea Competition Now Open in Pakistan

MIT Enterprise Forum of Pakistan (MITEFP) proudly announces that it has been selected by CRDF Global as its partner in Pakistan for the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) initiative. The first program under this partnership being launched in Pakistan is the GIST Technology Idea Competition (GISTech-I). We will have an Elevator Pitch workshop held at 2 PM on October 26th, 2011, at IBA Main Campus Video Conference hall (Room M-1 Academic Block) to announce the launch. The event will also be broadcast live to other universities through video conference.

CRDF Global, an independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to international science cooperation and technology commercialization, has launched a new initiative to advance scientific and technological collaboration between the United States and nations in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region and South and Central Asia. The Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) initiative is funded by the U.S. Department of State. GIST is one of the primary initiatives to be implemented following the proposals announced by U.S. President Barack Obama in Cairo in June 2009.
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Your Big Year 2012 Competition Now Open

Your Big Year 2012, launched in September, is a global competition created by Smaller Earth that seeks to engage people in entrepreneurship and global citizenship. YBY 2012 is a featured event of Global Entrepreneurship Week in November. Twelve finalists will be flown to Liverpool to compete in a series of challenges during the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in March, and the winner will receive a trip around the world to work on Smaller Earth projects, as well as the opportunity to meet community and world leaders.

The competition is open now and free to enter. For more information about Your Big Year 2012 and Smaller Earth or to enter visit
Anna Weber

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Competition for Research on Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Deadline: August 22, 2011.

Innovations for Poverty Action has a competition open for grants to “build a systemic body of evidence on the contribution of SMEs and entrepreneurship to poverty alleviation and economic development.” The Competition on Entrepreneurship and SME Growth for Young Scholars aims to stimulate research on access to finance and human capital.

Application details and the request for proposal are available here.

Cartoon Competition

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) is launching its first ever Global Editorial Cartoon Competition, looking at key CIPE themes – democracy, corruption, and gender equality – and ways in which these themes can be communicated across borders and cultures through one simple image.

You’ll find more information on the competition on the competition website.

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Ashoka Changemakers’ Property Rights Competition

Deadline: November 3, 2010

Property rights are essential to entrepreneurs and a key component of expanding access to opportunity. Omidyar Network and Ashoka’s Changemakers are inviting submissions of innovative approaches to strengthening property rights. “You can nominate or submit a solution that helps to provide land to the landless, formalizes or documents property rights, or provides legal education to help people understand and benefit from the laws that protect their assets.” Three winners will each receive $50,000 US! The judging panel includes Hernando de Soto and Elinor Ostrom.

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South African Entrepreneurship Education Competition

You may be aware that the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) found that South Africa has less than 10% of its population engaged as entrepreneurs. The GEM report suggested that entrepreneurship education at school level will provide for the most leverage to change this situation. An absence of a high level of entrepreneurial activity has the negative impact of low economic growth, weak democracy, unemployment, high dependency on government support for citizens to make a living, high crime rate and other socio-economic ills.

Provision has been made for entrepreneurship education within the “Learning Outcomes” and “Assessment Standards” of most subjects taught at secondary school level. Many secondary schools have “market days” and other initiatives to stimulate interest in entrepreneurship as a career choice amongst learners. The Entrepreneurship Education Simama Ranta 2010 Competition (which means “uplifting the South African economy” through youth entrepreneurship) with Eskom as the sponsor for this year, has been initiated to recognize and reward those schools who could serve as role models in the effective delivery of entrepreneurship education.

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Junior Achievement National Company Program and Expo, Kenya

We just had great Company Program competitions that showcase youth entrepreneurship and here is an article that was featured in our leading newspapers.

From the Business Daily:

Bias for Formal Jobs Hampers Growth of Entrepreneurship

John Wali
Executive Director
Junior Achievement Kenya

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