A Conversation to Stimulate Entrepreneurship

The Community of Young Entrepreneurs exchanges ideas and best practices for stimulating entrepreneurship. It’s about sharing the ways that you as a leader can improve the business environment for your firm and your country.

  • Policies – Public policies must create opportunities for youth. In particular, policies should make starting and operating a business as easy as possible. Young entrepreneurs can influence policies by getting involved in advocacy.
  • Services - To start and expand their businesses, young entrepreneurs benefit from services such as training, information, and legal and financial advice.
  • Information – Entrepreneurs depend on access to quality information about markets, economic data, and policies affecting them.
  • Networks - Acquiring networks for advice and mutual support is especially important to young entrepreneurs.

Share Your Views with the Community

Are you a young entrepreneur? Do you help promote entrepreneurship? Your insights, experience, news, and opinions are valuable to others. We invite you to share your views! Send an item to partners@cipe.org or add a comment. Respect intellectual property and ensure you have permission to publish items that you submit. By submitting your articles, comments, or images to the Community of Women Entrepreneurs, you allow CIPE the right to publish your submissions online and in print.

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How You Benefit from the Community

  • Acquire new insights
  • Attract attention to your efforts to promote entrepreneurship
  • Publicize your organization
  • Build your international network

This community is hosted and moderated by the Center for International Private Enterprise. The views expressed by the authors are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Center for International Private Enterprise. Please direct your questions and suggestions to partners@cipe.org


  1. geofrey:

    i need to start a primary school can you help how i can get funds,for startup.any success story to see how one did it.

  2. evance ouma:

    am 23 yrs of evance a young entrepreneur in Kenya.i like the idea and am in an organization

  3. Eliza:

    The Tech Awards, presented by Applied Materials, is a competition for social enterprises creatively using technology to benefit humanity. Laureates have chance to win up to $75K, spend a week in the Silicon Valley for capacity development training, and attend a spectacular awards gala. There are six different categories for the awards that include: Environment, Education, Health, Economic Development, and the new Young Innovator (under 26) and Sustainable Energy Awards. Nominations for this program will close on April 6th, 2012. You can make a nomination for yourself or someone you know at: http://thetechawards.thetech.org/nominations.

    Past laureates include organizations such as PATH, Frontline SMS, OneWorld Health, WITNESS, Husk Power Systems, Build Change, and the Akshaya Patra Foundation. For a full listing you can visit the laureate database.

  4. Melisa:

    I would like your assistance in coming up with fundraising ideas that i can do with young women graduates who unemployed within my community. I want ideas that can generate profits and sustainable.

  5. kenneth acquah:

    the idea of entrepreneurship is good especially in Africa. because of lack of jobs for both skilled and unskilled withing our continent motivated me to come up with an organization(NGO) called EMERGING YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS AND LEADERS (EYEL). our main aim is to seek for funding’s for young entrepreneurs who have very good ideas but lack the necessary financial strength to set up their own firms. we also organize conferences for the youth about how to develop and be innovative. i will like to partner your organisation so that we can share ideas about how to help the youth in Africa to have the entrepreneurial skills in mind in other to develop their potentials.

  6. Patrick Jreijiri:

    Dear sirs,

    I was looking for different communities that helps entrepreneurs in Lebanon, and I found your website. I would like to see if we can work together in helping the youth in Lebanon.
    What we have to offer is a program that would help young people (15-25 years old) to develop themselves and be able to break their own barriers and lead successful new businesses.

    Patrick Jreijiri

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