Islamabad Young Business Forum

Feeling its responsibility to society and its city, the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry decided to form a Youth Entrepreneur Forum, which works voluntarily for the cause of promoting entrepreneurship among youth and to students about to graduate.

Youth Conference on Entrepreneurship Development and National Youth Policy of Pakistan

One of the basic ideas of this forum is to interact with MBA students and have them realize the value of their education. Every other student who opts for a Medical or Engineering or IT program is adopting a profession and by that in future can be a entrepreneur, but MBA students take it as a tool to get jobs at different banks or multinationals, etc.Youth Conference on Entrepreneurship Development and National Youth Policy of Pakistan

Every country has its own traditions and environments and normally in Pakistan a child’s career is chosen by his parents, even before he starts going to school. Parents normally prefer their own professions for the children as a precaution that they know all about it. So even entrepreneurship is facing the same dilemma as 99% of young entrepreneurs belong to family-owned business houses. Even in some cities parents don’t let their sons complete their education and force them to start their career very early or in some cases even if a child has selected some other course for his education, he is forced to change or after completion he is told to come and sit on the father’s office, etc. Pakistan is a male dominant society and a son is always encouraged to join a profession.


The Young Islamabad Business Forum was formed to cater to the needs of young entrepreneurs and provide a platform of their own from which they will voice their needs and demands to concerned government departments and private institutions.

The forum will not only provide an opportunity to existing youngsters to engage in business but also provides mentorship to those youngsters who are willing to go into entrepreneurship and provides them concerned information, mainly consisting of the following:

  • Lack of knowledge of regulations to register a firm
  • Obtaining NTN certificate
  • Registration of sales tax, etc.
  • Labour laws
  • International business laws
  • Social working environments
  • Financing
  • Helping in arranging internships through ICCI


As the forum is Islamabad based, so the main focus of the forum is youth of Islamabad and for that purpose a detailed study of trade and industry will be carried out with the help of ICCI and statistical data will be kept for the job requirement and liaison for case study.

Detailed study will be carried out on the following:

  • Information Technology
  • Call Centers
  • Hotel Industry
  • Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Consultancy
  • Education
  • Media
  • Advertisement
  • Stock Exchange
  • Car Rentals
  • Automobile workshops


President of ICCI appoints the chairman of youth forum and then he selects young entrepreneurs who are members of ICCI members of the Youth Committee. Students who are willing to become members are welcome.


The Forum is open to men and women.


The Forum with help of ICCI and its members will arrange different seminars & workshops on different topics and effort will be done that maximum participation from youth and women entrepreneurs will be achieved.


For the assistance of youth and women entrepreneurs, ICCI created a desk in its office which is supervised by the Secretary of ICCI. That desk is responsible for maintaining the list of members, registration of new members and liaison with different committees and arranging seminars and workshops.

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Waqas Masud
Chairman Youth Committee
Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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