Initiative to Promote Entrepreneurship in Bolivia

It is a pleasure to be part of this community. I am very happy it has been created to share ideas, experiences, and best practices for stimulating entrepreneurship among youths. This is a great initiative!!!

I want to share with you an initiative to promote entrepreneurship in Bolivia named Red Bolivia Emprendedora (RBE – Bolivian Entrepreneurship Network). The Bolivian Entrepreneurship Network (RBE) is an organization that gathers stakeholders of three different society sectors of Bolivia (Government, Private and Public sector) that offer different services for young entrepreneurs. Among these services are: financing, enterprise development, human resources training, and economic policy. The RBE has the purpose of encouraging coordination and alliances among all these actors to promote and increase value-added services rendered to entrepreneurs so that their work will be more effective and efficient in benefit of an Entrepreneurial Culture.

Currently, the RBE has 75 Bolivian members and a few international institutions with whom we share useful information about entrepreneurship. This initiative has a long-term goal of encouraging the creation of an entrepreneurial culture in Bolivia, with the purpose of generating sustainable economic development in the country, alleviating poverty and promoting the creation of quality employment.


The RBE has three work programs:

A) Institutional Relations Program
Objective: To create a space of deliberation so that the institutions that support the creation of businesses meet and design mechanisms and joint strategies of synergic effort.
Workshops, Seminars and Forums, these allow institutions that work in entrepreneurship to be related, exchange national and international experiences and create visions and joint strategies.

B) Information Diffusion Program
Objective: To diffuse information that can be useful for the institutions that work promoting entrepreneurial programs.
Web page (, virtual and paper bulletins with information on programs that support the creation of businesses as well as related international and national experiences and studies on the art of the enterprising culture

C. Special Projects
Furthermore, the RBE empowers the activities of its members with Investigations related to the productive activity in Bolivia. Furthermore, the RBE is working on strategies to promote the research and development of public policy proposals, programs, instruments and any other mechanism that will allow the government to promote entrepreneurship education in the country.

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Daniela Imana
Red Bolivia Emprendedora

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