CIPE Announces Winners of Fourth Annual Youth Essay Contest

Last week CIPE announced the winners of the Fourth Annual International Youth Essay Competition.  An international panel of judges including partners from business associations, think tanks, and other international development organizations selected nine winning essays from a collection of over 400 submissions. 

Topics addressed under this year’s competition included corruption, democratic transitions, and economically-sustainable development.  CIPE received essays from over 65 countries including Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cameroon, Egypt, Indonesia, Moldova, and Uganda.

The first place essay in the Economically-Sustainable Development category came from one of CIPE’s partner organizations in Nepal, Samriddhi.  Written by Sarita Sapkota, the 1st place essay analyzes the history of development aid in Nepal.  Arguing that development projects funded by outside donors has created “huge machinery that needs a lot of resources to sustain but in effect contributes [a] negligible amount in terms of impact.” Sapkota suggests that Nepal should instead look to the enthusiasm and energy of young Nepalis to create innovative and sustainable models for long term development.

For a complete list of the nine winners and short summary of each article, visit the CIPE Development BlogOver the coming months, CIPE will release the winning essays in full text through its Feature Service series of articles which explores themes relevant to CIPE’s mission of building accountable democratic institutions through market-oriented reform. 

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    one important project we want to undertake is influence policies that will favor entrepreneurship. i want to influence policies that will make it compulsory for all the universities in Ghana to add the study of entrepreneurship to their programs.
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