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YEF Pakistan Youth Delegation Participates in Commonwealth CAAYE Summit

A delegation of young and aspiring entrepreneurs, led by the Young Entrepreneurs Forum (YEF) of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry has recently participated in CAAYE Summit in Mumbai. This was a cross representation of entrepreneurs from across Pakistan, with delegates from Punjab, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, and Sindh, who made their mark during the proceedings of the Summit.

CAAYE (Commonwealth Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs) which is a Commonwealth Secretariat-supported initiative represents 8 countries from the Commonwealth Asia region, namely Malaysia, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Maldives. The focus of this year’s Summit was to share best practices and prepare recommendations for improving “access to finance” to young entrepreneurs.

Nearly 200 delegates from the 8 countries met for 3 days in Mumbai to network, build business linkages, conduct field studies, attend learning sessions and jointly prepare a set of recommendations to improve the ecosystem of youth entrepreneurship in the form of an official communiqué that will be submitted to member Governments through the Commonwealth Secretariat.

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Driving Youth Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

On November 14th the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) joined the Center for International Private Enterprise and  Kauffman Foundation to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week.  Aiming to determine obstacles to entrepreneurship, ICCI gathered a large number of young entrepreneurs, established businessmen, and students to discuss key impediments to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Amid their discussion, many participants voiced the opinion that the main objective should be to foster an entrepreneurial culture among youth.  CIPE Deputy Country Director Hammad Siddiqui asserts that the only way Pakistan can take advantage of its bulging youth population and push through the hard times of a sluggish economy and few jobs is to provide an environment that encourages youth towards entrepreneurial careers.  Some attendees expressed the need for the curriculum in schools to stoke interest in students.  While this is absolutely a vital part of building an entrepreneurial ecosystem, it is also important to advocate on the policy side as well. Continue reading ‘Driving Youth Entrepreneurship in Pakistan’ »

Global Entrepreneurship Week in Nepal

Samriddhi, the Prosperity Foundation, organized several events to mark Global Entrepreneurship Week, in partnership with a wide range of other local organizations. These included an event on November 21 to highlight the achievements of five prominent Nepali entrepreneurs, which was covered in the country’s main national daily newspapers, including the Kathmandu Post, Republica, the Himalayan Times, and others. Attendees also included the head of the Federation of Nepali Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Chief Executive of the Nepal Investment Board. The next episode of Samriddhi’s radio program on entrepreneurship is planned for December 2, and will address how financial institutions can better serve small-scale entrepreneurs.

Congratulations to Samriddhi for winning the 2012 CIPE Leading Practices Contest! – Kim Bettcher, CIPE

Advancing Entrepreneurship in Lebanon Beyond Global Entrepreneurship Week

The Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA) is a Lebanese secular, non-profit, non-governmental organization working through a wide range of civil society organizations to meet the needs of local communities, especially the disadvantaged.  Our vision is to achieve a civic society that motivates all citizens in Lebanon to participate in public life and to lead positive change.

One of our organization’s main projects is called “Fostering Free Enterprise in Youth – FFEY”, which we have been implementing in partnership with CIPE since 2007.  Since that time, we have established a curriculum called “Entrance to Enterprise” (E2E), which is a knowledge guide aimed at introducing the concept of entrepreneurship not only to university students, but also to high-school students.  E2E trainings have been held for more than 300 students and 90 teachers throughout the past years, which led to the formation of an Alumni Network.  Most importantly, our current focus is to integrate the concept of entrepreneurship in the high-school curriculum through interactive activities. Continue reading ‘Advancing Entrepreneurship in Lebanon Beyond Global Entrepreneurship Week’ »