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CIPE Entrepreneurship Update

Lebanon – CIPE Africa and Middle East Regional Director Abdulwahab Alkebsi and CIPE partner the Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA) met with Minister of Education and Higher Education Hassan Diab to introduce DPNA’s “Fostering Free Enterprise in Youth” entrepreneurship and civic education project. The Minister was enthusiastic about the project and ordered the formation of a committee including DPNA and governmental and civil society representatives to explore options for implementing the project nationwide. Alkebsi and DPNA also conducted a meeting with Layla Fayyad, president of the Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD), the entity responsible for the curriculum in Lebanese schools, to discuss implementation of the curriculum.

Ukraine – The director of a CIPE partner at the Kyiv-based International Institute of Business (IIB), Aleksandr Okunev, played a key role in drafting proposed changes to Ukraine’s law governing limited liability companies. The changes, adopted February 27 by the Ukrainian government’s Cabinet of Ministers, are now being forwarded to parliament for consideration. The amendments would eliminate inconsistencies in existing legislation on limited liability companies. In partnership with CIPE, IIB is implementing a NED-funded project to develop a voluntary code of corporate governance for family-owned businesses.

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Iquitos Part 2: Chocolate, Toys, and Entrepreneurial Dreams

This article is part of a series of interviews with participants of Instituto Invertir’s EmprendeAhora entrepreneurship and leadership training program in Peru. Read the introduction to the series and Part 1.

In order to promote the EmprendeAhora program and encourage new applicants from throughout Peru, each year CIPE partner Instituto Invertir conducts an extensive promotional campaign in every major regional university. Local teams made up of EmprendeAhora alumni are in charge of distributing materials in their universities and in other youth spaces in their cities (Internet cafes, church, library, etc.). The alumni also give informative talks at universities and speak to the local media. It was through this promotional campaign in the summer of 2010 that Gerson Casas learned about the benefits of EmprendeAhora from Coco D’Azevedo, the 2008 alum profiled in a previous post.

Like Coco, Gerson is from Iquitos, Peru and was drawn to the program for the opportunity to travel to Lima, meet new people, and learn more about being an entrepreneur. After completing the rigorous application process, Gerson was selected to attend EmprendeAhora 2010.

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Kaknock Foundation: Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development

The Kaknock Foundation is moving a step ahead toward empowering small scale businesses for young people.  By providing youth with commercial and industrial information and skills, Kaknock helps young entrepreneurs present a point of view on the ways and means of increasing economic prosperity.  These insights are compiled and crafted into specific policy messages, which are then presented to international forums through policy platforms, publications, and the organization’s website.  The Kaknock Foundation ultimately aims at stimulating a more enabling framework of social and environmental young entrepreneurs through the following objectives:

  • Uplift the welfare of the poor through elimination of corruption, creation of jobs, raising small scale industries, and reaching out to the poor from a grassroots level.
  • Unite young entrepreneurs in business relationships.
  • Create income generating activities for young people.
  • Become a bridge between young people and the government in trade and networking.
  • Encourage young people to become entrepreneurs.

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International Social Entrepreneurship Conference in Istanbul

The International Social Entrepreneurship Conference is being held February 29 to March 1. Organised by the British Council, TACSO and TÜSEV (Third Sector Foundation of Turkey), the conference has gathered 150 experienced social entrepreneurs and supporters of social entrepreneurship from the Western Balkans, Turkey, Ukraine and Georgia and United Kingdom. The conference aims to strengthen connections between social entrepreneurs across the region and the EU, strengthen relationships between social entrepreneurs and supporters of social entrepreneurship, facilitate exchange of knowledge, and raise awareness of the role social entrepreneurship can play in the region.

Prof. Üstün Ergüder, Chairman of the Third Sector Foundation of Turkey, stated, “We hope that the discussions will inspire both civil society organisations and individual entrepreneurs to start or develop their social enterprises and to become more innovative while approaching social problems.”

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