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Accelerating Entrepreneurship in the Arab World

Which countries in the MENA region are doing the most to foster an entrepreneurial environment? By one measure, Lebanon and Jordan lead the way while Kuwait and Algeria are trailing. Some, such as Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, have made a start and need to scale up their efforts. As a whole, the region needs to improve regulatory frameworks, especially for new businesses, upgrade infrastructure, and expand public understanding of entrepreneurship.

The World Economic Reform’s 2011 report on Accelerating Entrepreneurship in the Arab World takes stock of these environmental factors Continue reading ‘Accelerating Entrepreneurship in the Arab World’ »

Entrepreneurial Development in Russia

“Where once the Soviet government rooted out and destroyed private businesses, now Russia and other Soviet successor states commit significant resources and rhetoric to nurturing and protecting those businesses. Substantial impediments to doing business still exist in the former Soviet Union, but problems are usually associated with government inaction rather than action.”

Read the full article on CIPE Development Blog.

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9th Edition of YEGAP’s “Entrepreneur Asia-Pacific” Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Launch of YEG-Pakistan chapter
  • “On Development of Entrepreneurship in Russia,” by RF CCI
  • Interview with Nevzat Aydin, founder of the e-business in Turkey
  • CACCI has launched the 4th Asia-Pacific Young Entrepreneur Award and is seeking nominations from CACCI Primary Members.

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Global Entrepreneurship Week at Escuela Agrícola San Francisco de Asis, Paraguay

My name is Fernanda Pereira and I would like to share my Global Entrepreneurship Week with you. I am one of the two Paraguayans who are participating as semifinalists in Your Big Year, a program by Smaller Earth.

Your Big Year is an international contest in which 60,000 people participated this year from 221 countries. It consists of passing certain challenges, tasks, in order to be one of 111 semifinalists. Of the 111, only 12 have the opportunity to be finalists and attend the Global Entrepreneurship Congress to be held in Liverpool in March 2012. Continue reading ‘Global Entrepreneurship Week at Escuela Agrícola San Francisco de Asis, Paraguay’ »

Growth Strategies of Young Companies

Entrepreneurial firms pursuing growth have numerous strategies available to them. This should come as no surprise, given that the role of entrepreneurship is to capitalize on unmet opportunities wherever they may arise. A 2011 World Economic Forum study attempts to make sense of these strategies: “Global Entrepreneurship and the Successful Growth Strategies of Early-Stage Companies

A highlight of the World Economic Forum study is its categorization of eight possible strategies. For instance, a company can create, build, or ride a wave of economic transformation–and first movers do not necessarily come out on top. Facebook, as one example, did not create social networking but rather helped build this wave. The choice is complicated by uncertainty over the timing and development of the wave.

Strategies also diverge depending on whether a company offers an entirely new category of product or else a new product within an existing category. Continue reading ‘Growth Strategies of Young Companies’ »