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Business School Profiles

The Global Business School Network has published a book with profiles of its members. Each school’s page has an overview, information on degree programs, and basic statistics.

Some of the business schools that have a concentration on entrepreneurship or innovation include:

  • Brazil: Fundaçao Dom Cabral
  • Chile: Universidad del Desarrollo
  • Colombia: Universidad de los Andes School of Management
  • Kenya: Chandaria School of Business, USIU
  • Russia: St. Petersburg University School of Management
  • South Africa: University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business

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Bangladesh: Role of NGOs, Corporate Sector & Other Agencies to Promote Youth Enterprise

About one third of the population of Bangladesh belongs to the young generation and the number is growing. You are perhaps aware about the unemployment rate in our country. In such a situation Young Enterprise Development (YED) can create a lot of benefits for the country. Chambers of commerce have been playing a vital role for entrepreneurship development and contributing for YE development. YED has got a lot of potential to grow if appropriate care is given.

Download powerpoint presentation on the Role of NGOs, Corporate Sector & Agencies.

Ferdaus Ara Begum
Additional Secretary (R&P), Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Egypt’s Newest Technology Entrepreneurs

Despite the country’s slump in tourism and investment, numerous start-ups are showing vitality and optimism in Cairo and beyond. A group of educated, IT entrepreneurs participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Program‘s June boot camp. These entrepreneurs have developed websites and apps in areas like health care and transportation. At the camp, they developed their business plans and four teams won a chance to attend internships overseas. Also last January, the Global Entrepreneurship Program organized a business plan competition in conjunction with the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, the American University in Cairo, and Sawari Ventures.

Read about these entrepreneurs in the New York Times/International Herald Tribune (July 16):
“Arab Spring, Start-up Summer?”

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Bringing Youth into the Bangladesh Economy Through Enterprise Development

Youth enterprise development can be one of the best options for reducing under-employment, developing life skills, and revitalizing communities. Ferdaus Ara Begum argues in the Financial Express that an integrated policy for youth and entrepreneurship development is needed to catalyze a better environment for young enterprise and to equip youth with the required skills for business. She also notes the role of the corporate sector, particularly the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in providing services and advocacy support for entrepreneurship development. This article gives an excellent overview of the employment situation, challenges to entrepreneurship, relevant policies, and the steps forward in several sectors.

Read the article in the Financial Express (July 15):
Growth of Youth Enterprises Key to Reducing Unemployment

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CIPE Entrepreneurship Update

Pakistan – The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry opened its new entrepreneurship development center, which was funded under a CIPE small grant. This is the first such facility established by a Pakistani chamber. Details can be found in the Pakistan Observer: “Entrepreneurship Development Center Established at ICCI

Russia – The first group of students taking part in CIPE’s USAID-funded youth entrepreneurship training program in the Republic of Ingushetia graduated on July 8. A total of 29 students completed 96 hours of courses covering topics such as business planning and starting a business, financial and economic literacy, entrepreneurship in a democratic society, leadership and professional growth, rights and free market institutions, democratic institutions, and the rule of law. These students will be eligible for state support in the form of discounted lines of credit for graduates’ start-ups, grants for start-ups, and access to business incubators. The training program is also taking place in Chechnya, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo-Cherkessia, and Stavropol.

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Overcoming Discrimination Through Entrepreneurship

Contrary to a common perception that markets exacerbate existing inequality, entrepreneurship and open markets can be a route to overcoming traditional barriers. Sukalp Sharma has recounted the growth experiences of members of the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DICCI). Sharma found numerous examples in an emerging trend of successful Dalit businesses. This article credits the market reforms of the past 20 years and an enabling environment with nurturing these businesses. Says one of these entrepreneurs, “We as DICCI members don’t want any reservation for ourselves and our children… We just hope that the government takes the entrepreneurial approach towards uplifting the oppressed communities seriously.”

Read the article in the Financial Express:
Empowerment by Enterprise

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An IPO Guide for Entrepreneurs

I am glad to be a part of this community. I am an aspiring entrepreneur and right now I work for an e-Publishing company. I have a book that I felt would be useful to share on the Community of Young Entrepreneurs. Here is the detail:

IPO: A Global Guide written by Philippe Espinasse (Hong Kong University Press)

IPO: A Global Guide is applicable to any financial jurisdiction, including emerging markets with vibrant IPO activity in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Intended for entrepreneurs, market practitioners and students, this guide will be essential reading for anyone planning to take a company to market.

Lokabhiram Dwarakanath

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The Young Upstarts Report: Youth Perceptions in South Africa

The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship released its first Young Upstarts Report on youth attitudes toward entrepreneurship, showing a high level of interest in starting a business combined with insights on the challenges facing entrepreneurs.

As far as attitudes go, the culture of creativity is widespread among South African youth. For many, creativity fuels their entrepreneurial dreams. Understanding and experience, however, are more limited. Most do not realize that entrepreneurship requires hard work and more than a good idea. Many would select the food and beverage sector for a new business–a highly competitive sector–presumably because it is familiar to them.

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