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CIPE Entrepreneurship Update

Paraguay – On Wednesday, May 11, Fundación Paraguaya and the Paraguayan Ministry of Education signed an agreement to promote entrepreneurship in the Paraguayan public school system. This accord aims to strengthen educational institutions, capacities, and make resources available to improve the quality of training programs in these institutions and to contribute to sustainable development in the schools’ communities.

Russia – A CIPE partner in the North Caucasus region of Adygea has secured a formal commitment from its regional government to help support a USAID-funded project that trains local youth to launch businesses and expand their employment opportunities. Under the agreement, the government will provide access to business-startup credit for young entrepreneurs who complete a CIPE program. CIPE’s partner, the Chamber of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Adygea, signed the agreement as part of a three-year Promoting Entrepreneurship in the North Caucasus project that CIPE is administering with USAID support.

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UBC TV Young Entrepreneurs (Uganda) – “A Networking Center for Entrepreneurs”


This is Arinitwe Stephen Da Entrepreneur / Bizness Resource Manager (Presenter) from:

YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS, A business program that inspires, motivates and innovates the youth to acquire business skills.

DO watch out for several entrepreneurs as they take us down the road to their success. Only on UBC TV every Friday at 7:30 p.m. A repeat is on every Monday at 10:00 a.m.

Are you running a productive bizness or a project, as a group, a school, an organization/association, a company or an individual? Please feel free to contact us and we will give you coverage for your venture.

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“Chinnovation” – Chinese Innovation

Professor Tan Ying Lan, author of Chinnovation, traces the characteristics of innovation in China. Ranging from revenue-focus and rapidity to rivals and restrictions, his book outlines the “Eight Rs of Chinese Innovation.” The Chinese market is both a land of opportunity, given its rapid growth, as well as a source of daunting challenges for entrepreneurs to solve. Factors such as the particular demands of Chinese customers and limits on what entrepreneurs are allowed to do have sparked some creative thinking. My favorite innovations mentioned are the Haier washing machine that accommodates both clothes and potatoes, and Haier’s rodent-proof refrigerator.

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The Eighth Edition of “Entrepreneur Asia-Pacific” Highlights Recent Breakout Session at the 25th CACCI Conference

It is heartening to note that top young entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific region gather to merge resources and work collectively by investing their knowledge and business management for the single purpose of addressing entrepreneurial challenges. This is the mission of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Asia Pacific. Since assuming the role of chairman of the YEGAP in 2005, I have come to appreciate more the tremendous work that the men and women entrepreneurs have done for their respective countries and the region in general. When the dynamism of business leaders is complemented by the dedication of selfless change agents, genuine empowerment emerges. Continue reading ‘The Eighth Edition of “Entrepreneur Asia-Pacific” Highlights Recent Breakout Session at the 25th CACCI Conference’ »

Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry forms YEG-Pakistan with CACCI

For the youth development and to look after entrepreneurial issues, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry has always been at the forefront to take initiatives that provide a platform to youth to move forward and play an active role in the society. In this context, ICCI has launched Young Entrepreneurs Group (YEG)-Pakistan Chapter under the banner of Young Entrepreneurs Group Asia-Pacific (YEGAP), which was created by Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce & Industry (CACCI) during its 68th Council meeting held in May 2004.

The YEG-Pakistan has been formed with an aim to provide a platform to young entrepreneurs, students and academic institutions to interact for the development of youth and to help remove barriers in the way of their progress. It would focus on building youth capacity to understand various entrepreneurial issues, connecting youth of Pakistan with young entrepreneurs of the Asia Pacific Region for sharing of ideas. This platform would develop an association with other international youth groups to come up with multiple ideas that can lead the nations to new heights of economic growth and development.

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Breaking Down Barriers to Pakistani Youth Entrepreneurship in ICT

“Pakistan is a country with about 103 million young people in the age bracket of 20-35 years. The country is producing a large number of graduates with business and information technology specialization. However it has been noted that despite low start-up capital requirements, after completing their studies 95 percent of students focus their efforts on looking for a job and do not explore entrepreneurship as a career.

P@SHA in partnership with CIPE initiated a stakeholders’ dialogue called “Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Youth in the IT Sector”. The objective of this initiative is to look at the impediments or entry barriers for young entrepreneurs in the IT sector and to determine whether there are any legal or regulatory reforms that are needed to improve entrepreneurial opportunities.”

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