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CIPE Entrepreneurship Update

Russia – A CIPE partner, the Chechen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has secured a commitment this month from the Republic of Chechnya to help support a USAID-funded project that trains local youth to launch businesses and expand their employment opportunities. The Chechen government’s Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship is pledging the ruble equivalent of $21,000 this year to support the most promising of those entrepreneurs who complete the program planned for this summer. Under the terms of the agreement, the aid will take the form of start-up credit or access to a business incubator. Under the three-year Promoting Entrepreneurship in the North Caucasus project, four other chambers of commerce in the region are in the process of winning similar detailed commitments.

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Organizing and Financing a Small Business

Whatever the reason, owning your own business can be one of the most challenging, satisfying, demanding and rewarding things you do in your life. However, there are real risks and difficulties in starting any new business.

This guide is about recognizing–and minimizing–these risks and increasing your chances of success. While each business is different, there are some basic things every small business needs to succeed. Key among these are a good idea, hard work, knowledge combined with common sense and imagination, plus the willingness and determination to make an idea into reality.

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Market Education for Nepalese College Students

Samriddhi Foundation’s Arthalaya program was featured in the Nepali Times: “Economy 101.”

“Young college students, drawn from both inside and outside of Kathmandu, are selected from among hundreds of applicants. Twenty-four students attend debates and discussions led by entrepreneurs, policymakers and free-market thinkers on topics such as economic freedom, voluntary exchange, rule of law, morality of markets, enterprise building and economic policymaking.”

The article by Ashutosh Tiwari describes why youth often have a dim view of markets and lauds Arthalaya for giving youth a more nuanced understanding of markets, including the rule of law and effects of open, free competition.

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The Power of Ideas

The Business Times Singapore asked a selection of business leaders a great question: “What are the most original and inspiring ideas you’ve come across for making a positive difference to your business and/or society?”

The responses, published in the article “The Power of Ideas,” reveal how business leaders are thinking about innovation. In summary, many are focused on technological innovations, especially open collaboration and cloud computing. Several executives place emphasis on the need to recruit and engage smart, creative people who can drive innovation and bring a bottom-up approach to strategy. One notes the need to link productivity improvements to innovation, while another suggests giving SMEs tax status similar to that of multinationals. And let’s not forget the “entrepreneurial spirit.”

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Write, race, win! CIPE’s Youth Essay Competition Continues to Inspire its Winners

CIPE Regional Office (Romania) staff recently had the opportunity to meet with Irina Alionte, one of the winners of CIPE’s Youth Essay Competition (2009 edition). In a previous article, CIPE Regional Office was proudly reporting on the influence of CIPE’s essay competition on Irina’s subsequent trajectory.

Irina continues to act as Marketing Manager at her family’s business – Shakespeare School, a Bucharest-based foreign languages educational institution which specializes in English courses for students between 5 and 25 years old. In addition, Irina’s plans include pursuing post-graduate studies in the United Kingdom, as well as opening a foundation aiming to support academic excellence, upon completing her studies and returning to Romania.

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