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Symposium on Entrepreneurship and Development

On January 28, George Mason University and the Heritage Foundation hosted a stimulating discussion on what we know about entrepreneurship and the conditions for entrepreneurial growth across the world. The expert panel raised several key themes with policy implications.

First, in entrepreneurial economies like the United States, the fastest growing businesses are young businesses, as shown by John Haltiwanger (University of Maryland). Among startup firms, a select group of high-growth firms have a big impact on net economic growth. Although we know the high-growth firms matter, it is extremely difficult to predict which firms they will be, as Erkko Autio pointed out (Imperial College London).

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Beyond Individual Success Stories: Promoting Entrepreneurship through Institutional Reform

CIPE releases a new Economic Reform Feature by Dr. Aleksandr Shkolnikov, Director, Policy Reform.

“What we find in a lot of countries is that through microcredit and similar programs you get a lot of people who start a private enterprise, often informally, but those same people still find it nearly impossible to expand into the small business category, which is where innovation and gains in productivity actually happen.”

“Through institutional reform it is possible to empower entrepreneurs to transition from micro-enterprises to small and medium-sized business that can create jobs, innovate, take advantage of economies of scale, and increase productivity.”

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CIPE Entrepreneurship Updates

Paraguay- The Paraguayan Development Foundation (FP) has continued to work on bringing the concept of entrepreneurship to national attention, promote and reward entrepreneurship among teachers and youth, and help the government identify practical ways to incorporate entrepreneurship into public school curricula. As part of this project, FP held a full day workshop with 150 future educators, focusing on the themes of leadership and entrepreneurship and how to apply these concepts in the classroom.

Peru- Rocío Dañino, the Program Coordinator of the EmprendeAhora youth leadership and entrepreneurship program, was interviewed by the Peruvian corporate social responsibility magazine Stakeholders. In this two page interview, Ms. Dañino describes how EmprendeAhora is helping educate Peru’s future leaders and she highlights some of the impact that the program has had so far. Copies of this article in Spanish are available upon request.

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Cartoon Competition

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) is launching its first ever Global Editorial Cartoon Competition, looking at key CIPE themes – democracy, corruption, and gender equality – and ways in which these themes can be communicated across borders and cultures through one simple image.

You’ll find more information on the competition on the competition website.

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Views on Entrepreneurship in India and China

The world increasingly turns its attention to China and India: two economies that are driving global growth and which provide interesting terrain for entrepreneurs. What’s distinctive about entrepreneurship in these countries?

Vivek Wadhwa in Foreign Policy magazine says ”Chinese and Indian Entrepreneurs Are Eating America’s Lunch,” creating thousands of technology startup firms. What sets them apart? It isn’t the education system. They have absorbed practices and skills from the West, and now their companies are investing in innovation and education.

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Youth Development at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry

In Pakistan about 63 percent of the population is comprised of youth, below the age of 25 years. It is a huge potential which must be exploited to move the country forward. The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry is seriously working on youth development and in collaboration with the universities entrepreneurship is being promoted. The young business professionals from ICCI give lectures in the universities and tell the students about the success stories to motivate them to go into entrepreneurial activities.

ICCI regularly organizes business plan competitions and the next one is being planned among the top universities in Islamabad that would be followed by innovative projects by the students in science and technology. The main purpose of these events is to demonstrate the huge potential of the university students to the business sector for the adoption of innovative ideas and also to encourage the students to start their own business ventures.

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A New Publication Recognizes Youth for ‘Doing Small Business in Big Ways’

The Youth Interactive Portal for Enterprise (YIPE) is an organization whose mission is to equip youth entrepreneurs with information on starting and managing business enterprises. The recent release of its new publication, Get Inspired! Youth Enterprise Profiles, fulfills this mission and celebrates youth entrepreneurship in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Get Inspired! Volume I, “Doing Small Business in Big Ways”, profiles successful youth entrepreneurs and asks them to share their stories, discuss challenges they have overcome, and offer advice to other budding entrepreneurs. Despite the diversity of profiles presented YIPE founder, Fiona Mati, discovered that “it matters not whether the entrepreneurs are engaged in manufacturing, software development or stationery retailing, their primary motivations are not just financial security but to make a long lasting positive impact not only in their communities but throughout their countries as well as globally. The common thread running through these profiles is that these young people found a gap in the market and are exploiting it.” Continue reading ‘A New Publication Recognizes Youth for ‘Doing Small Business in Big Ways’’ »

“Emerging” Emerging Markets in 2011

It’s fun to make predictions, though never easy. The Economist, as part of its World in 2011 special edition, foresees the rise of “emerging emerging markets.” In 2011, business will direct its attention toward “new” emerging markets and away from the developed economies and BRICs, according to this article by Adrian Wooldridge. I won’t place any bets on which countries present the best business opportunities. It is interesting, however, to examine the reasons Wooldridge hints at for the diverging prospects of countries.

For example, the article highlights corruption in China and Russia among the “old” emerging markets, but glosses over corruption among new stars such as Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Libya. What does Nigeria have going for it? Political stability and oil wealth, though Russia has that too.

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