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Emerging Markets: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Staying Sane, Safe and Profitable

From the Kauffman Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Resource Center, here’s an article from an American businessman on staying sane, safe and profitable in emerging markets. How does this article look to those of you who are based in emerging markets? Does it still ring true?

The author, R. W. Nelson, Chairman of Kemin Industries, sees opportunities in emerging markets, and also advises certain precautions in these environments. These precautions include steps for testing a new market, attention to cash flow, avoidance of bribery, and flexibility. The theme is that amid the excitement and frenzy, one needs to retain common sense. That might be said of many entrepreneurial ventures–entrepreneurs take on risk, but they must know how to manage it.

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A Voice for Young Entrepreneurs in Jordan

The Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) is one of the effective policy advocacy organizations featured in Strategies for Policy Reform, Volume 2: Engaging Entrepreneurs in Democratic Governance. Through its Sawtouna initiative (Sawtouna means ”our voice”), YEA and CIPE brought the voice of the private sector to the policy arena to ensure that reforms addressed the concerns of business. YEA successfully championed an amendment to Jordan’s Companies Law. The resulting reduction in the minimal capital requirement led to over 1,800 newly registered small and medium enterprises.

Read the YEA case study in Strategies for Policy Reform, Volume 2: available in the CIPE Bookstore.

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Entrepreneurship Development, Islamabad

It’s great that CIPE is taking proactive initiatives to create a spirit of entrepreneurship culture in youth. From school level realization of entrepreneurship would definitely provide a good understanding of the concept and in the longer run students having knowledge of entrepreneurial skills can start new business ventures. Inclusion of entrepreneurship subject at the national school curriculum would help inculcate a spirit of entrepreneurship in youth and eventually, they can play a leading role in the national building carrying out entrepreneurship activities coming into practical life. The state should provide full support to such initiatives that would not only help in building a sizable population of entrepreneurs, but also act as an engine of growth in the economic development of a country.

Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry greatly supports promotion of entrepreneurship culture in youth and have created strong linkage with the universities. Business experts give lectures in the universities and student’s innovative ideas are encouraged through Business Plan Competitions. In March next year, ICCI in collaboration with Comsats University, Islamabad is organizing a big exhibition that will bring together students from across the country, who will introduce their innovative research ideas. An Entrepreneurship Development Center is being developed in ICCI which will provide a road map to the students and prospective entrepreneurs that how they can start new business ventures. Various training programs will be organized in collaboration with the universities and national institutions because we believe our youth have great potential to perform but they need guidance and mentorship to growth in entrepreneurship.

Majid Shabbir

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Teachers Spark Entrepreneurial Spirit in Paraguay

In Paraguay, a country with a long history of autocratic rule, the concept of entrepreneurship is not well understood. To address this problem, CIPE works with Fundación Paraguaya (FP) to bring the concepts of leadership and entrepreneurship into the national school curriculum, helping young people in Paraguay to realize their potential as future leaders of their country. For two days, more than 150 teachers from public and private schools around the country took an important first step in realizing that they have a major role to play in the spirit and practice of fostering entrepreneurship in Paraguay. Teachers walked away from the forum empowered by new skills that will allow them to start teaching entrepreneurial skills to their students.

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Tashabos Students Create Successful Businesses in Afghanistan

Bamiyan, in the central part of Afghanistan, is an especially remote and mountainous province with little access to many of the goods and services available in Kabul. Mohammad Aqa Alawi, an 18-year-old from a small village in Bamiyan Province in the center of Afghanistan, has founded a successful business using the knowledge and confidence he acquired through the Tashabos program. In order to address his village’s lack of electricity, Alawi built a water-powered turbine and set it up in the stream that passes through town. The turbine now generates enough electricity for 20 households. “I have set up this primitive power plant from some very ordinary equipment which is available in Bamiyan,” he said. The initial equipment investment cost 30,000 Afghanis ($668); Alawi now earns 3,000 Afghanis ($67) a month.

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Changing Mindsets in Kurdistan Through Entrepreneurship Training

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and the Kurdistan Economic Development Organization (KEDO) implemented training workshops in Kurdistan in 2008 to assist would-be entrepreneurs with the skills needed to start their own businesses. Two of those trained were Mr. Ayob Abdulkadir Ahmed and Mr. Hazad Omar. Before attending the training program both held menial jobs and thought the Iraqi government should be the one providing them with jobs and wages. As you can see from this video, both developed successful businesses after the CIPE/KEDO training program.

Between the two of them, they have created 21 new jobs in the Kurdish region, Mr. Hazad by selling children’s clothes and Mr. Abdulkadir by running greenhouses to enhance produce growth. They pay above average wages to their workers and have learned to grow their profits.

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UN Security Council Youth Event

As part of its December Presidency of the UN Security Council, the United States will host an innovative event to bring the voices of youth directly to the Council. Young people, representing nearly 50 percent of the world’s population, have a major stake in the key decisions on global peace and security made every day at the Security Council. It is time for their voices to be heard. On December 21, Ambassador Rice will chair an important Security Council Event entitled “Your World, Your Future: Voices of a New Generation” that will bring the 15 members of the Council together to debate three top ideas submitted by young people.

From now until December 14, the U.S. Mission to the UN will be accepting submissions for consideration. The question being asked is: “What is the most vital challenge to international peace and security facing your generation? Tell the UN Security Council what issue you believe deserves more attention, and explain why it is important.”

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Entrepreneurial Social Gamers Earn Real Life Rewards

This is just a brief note to update you on the latest from Global Innovation Game, which launched as the official game of Global Entrepreneurship Week. We recently concluded the first contest within the game, blending online game play with real world rewards and wanted to share that our first winners hail from Malaysia, Egypt and the UK!

During the week of GEW, players competed within GiG to claim the top spots in the game’s three categories – health, energy and transport. Those who posted the most innovative solutions to real life challenges earned the most support from their peers and the highest rankings.

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As a First Time Participant in Global Entrepreneurship Week, Kyrgyzstan Experiences Many Successes

For the first time in history, Global Entrepreneurship Week activities were celebrated throughout Kyrgyzstan. The Bishkek Business Club and the Central Asian Free Market Institute, along with several other partner organizations throughout the Kyrgyz Republic, organized a series of activities, lectures, and training sessions to promote and inspire entrepreneurship in youth. Despite being in its infancy, Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kyrgyzstan was a huge success garnering support from a variety of entities.

An unofficial opening event kicking off the week’s activities was attended by more than 50 individuals and featured high profile speakers including the Minister of Economic Regulation, Emil Umetaliev and local entrepreneur Azis Abakirov. Representatives from both BBC and CAFMI spoke about the various events of the week and announced a slogan contest. The individuals with the best slogans were awarded books on economics and entrepreneurship. Some of the winning slogans include: Continue reading ‘As a First Time Participant in Global Entrepreneurship Week, Kyrgyzstan Experiences Many Successes’ »

One Week Just Wasn’t Enough to Celebrate Entrepreneurship in Nepal

Global Entrepreneurship Week was held November 15 – 21, 2010 with participants from all over the world celebrating entrepreneurship and inspiring youth to embrace their own innovation and creativity. Samriddhi – The Prosperity Foundation, along with several of its partners, celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week in Nepal through a series of activities, events and programs designed to motivate young people to generate new ways of thinking and doing things. There was an extensive list of organized events causing the celebration to continue through November 26th, well past Global Entrepreneurship Week’s official conclusion on the 21st. The celebration kicked off with a series of press releases detailing various activities in and around Kathmandu valley, as well as Global Entrepreneurship Week Information Desks at various area colleges. The information desks displayed publications and materials related to Entrepreneurship and Global Entrepreneurship Week activities.

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