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Shaping the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Special guest blog by Jonathan Ortmans, President of Global Entrepreneurship Week and Senior Fellow of the Kauffman Foundation

“If you ever pick up the Wall Street Journal, you have probably seen a series of IBM Smarter Planet advertisements. These intrigued me and I clicked further. The innovators behind the Smarter Planet campaign want to improve highly complex global systems by connecting solutions. With the message that getting smarter is possible across all our systems, they are looking for more efficient systems for electricity grids, water and waste management, roadways, health care and many other operations that impact our quality of life. After being focused by weeks of heavy headlines on economic recovery, I found IBM’s message of being smarter energizing.

As Friedrich Hayek said, “Society’s course will be changed only by a change in ideas.” What can be most interesting about these times is the new global scale of innovation. What was once a smaller world of people confined by geography and cultures is now a world of young media-savvy, fearless, informed and networked people. A new generation of creative people around the world is emerging as the solution designers for our most pressing global challenges and it is they who will innovate us out of this recession.”

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Destructive Beast – A Film on Corruption in Yemen

Corruption is the greatest obstacle to growth and development in Yemen; and Yemeni youth have the vision and passion to overcome it. CIPE created a documentary on anti-corruption that exposes the economic and social costs of corruption in the country, and captured powerful scenes of Yemeni youth asking hard questions and raising their society’s expectations of leadership.

Watch the trailer for the film.

Danya Greenfield

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Rebellion or Reform? The Imperative to Engage Youth as Entrepreneurs and Citizens

Societies everywhere invest in youth in order to prepare them for the future. But what happens when a generation, educated and prepared for anticipated occupational roles, finds an absence of opportunities? This has happened over the past decade, as the youth unemployment rate increased across all regions, excluding developed economies. Youth are three times as likely as adults to be unemployed, and account for 40 percent of unemployment worldwide [International Labour Organization]. Those who have completed their education increasingly find a mismatch between their skills or aspirations and employers’ needs. These strains will intensify as the percentage of the population aged 15 to 24 will peak in the next 10 to 20 years.

In societies such as Egypt where graduates have customarily received government jobs, the public sector can no longer keep up with this demographic trend. Many entrants to the workforce now wait for employment, and those who have government jobs are often idle or unproductive. The private sector, too, is constrained. Typically in transition economies a small number of large firms dominate the economy while other firms struggle to grow. Youth disproportionately work in part-time jobs and the informal sector, where opportunities are limited. Thus, any effort to empower youth must address the fundamental challenge of job creation. This in turn means fostering the creation of new firms, growth of productive firms, and wider access to the formal economy.

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Ethiopian Radio for Young Entrepreneurs

Bright Africa Youth Association’s (BAYA) radio program was set up with the high vision of producing young Ethiopian entrepreneurs capable of becoming tomorrow’s business leaders. Younger entrepreneurs are much better educated and are key to the future of the Ethiopian economy. However, young entrepreneurs have many challenges in their efforts to grow their businesses.

Accordingly, BAYA’s objectives are to:

  1. Provide a platform for expressing the views and challenges facing young entrepreneurs
  2. Build young entrepreneurs’ capacity to advocate for a better business environment
  3. Share information and provide training to young entrepreneurs on how best to do business

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Expanding Opportunity for Young Entrepreneurs in Jordan

In celebration of International Youth Day this week, here is an impressive example from Jordan of what young entrepreneurs can achieve through advocacy. CIPE’s partner the Young Entrepreneurs Association is leading a drive to lower barriers to entry for would-be entrepreneurs in an effort to expand economic opportunity to a broader cross-section of Jordan’s citizens — particularly its youth, who are increasingly realizing that they will not be able to rely on the state for a job as in generations past.

Watch the video.

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SITICAL Workshop on Emerging Technologies in Mobile Phone and Video, Burundi

Currently young entrepreneurs in Burundi collaborate with the grassroots alliance A Better Community for All (ABC4ALL) to mobilize and build the capacity of young entrepreneurs groups through awareness, research, courses and workshops on “Businesses and Mobile Technologies”.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are fast reaching the African continent. Particularly, mobile phones are increasing tremendously. Mobile video applications are extraordinarily increasing; the digital media broadcasting and digital satellite broadcasting technologies are fast growing.

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Question for International Youth Day

How will the current young generation change the way the world does business? What are the forces shaping this generation in emerging markets and how will they respond?

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Stay tuned for special blogs and stories this week. And tell us how you’re celebrating Youth Day (August 12, 2010)!

Kim Bettcher