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“New Economic Generation” in North Ossetia

In 2009, recognizing the need to identify and cultivate young leaders and entrepreneurs in the North Caucasus, the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and the Vladikavkaz Institute of Management (VIM) developed a new certificate program called the “New Economic Generation” in North Ossetia. The curriculum for the program was designed by CIPE, VIM, and academics from other institutions, in part based on other CIPE youth training programs. Currently being run in Vladikavkaz on a pilot basis, taught by VIM and other professors, the six-module program includes nearly 100 hours of education on the following topics: Strategic Business Planning and Launching a New Enterprise; Financial and Economic Literacy; Entrepreneurship in a Democratic Society; Leadership and Professional Growth; Property Rights and Free Market Institutions; and Democratic Institutions and the Rule of Law.

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Guide on Access to Finance: Financial Services and Tools Available in Egypt

The Egyptian Junior Business Association has published a clear and detailed guide for SMEs on access to finance. “We aimed to write a manual that would translate the language of finance professionals to SMEs and in doing so secure the financing needed for growth. A manual that would help SMEs pursue the most appropriate type of financing based on their industry and particular circumstances.”

The Guide “provides information that clarifies and explains the different types of financing options now available in Egypt. It also relates the types of financing tools to the needs of your company at different points in time.”

Contents include:

  • How to Choose the Right Financing Option for Your Company
  • How to Get That Money
  • Taking Your Company to the Next Level

Download the Guide on Access to Finance. (English version)

Arabic version

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Innovation in Emerging Markets

Entrepreneurs in emerging markets are reinventing products and business models to compete in challenging, growing markets. As told in the Economist’s special report, “Innovation in Emerging Markets: The World Turned Upside Down,” Indian cardiologist Dr. Devi Shetty has combined volume and specialization to provide low-cost, quality surgeries to 600 patients a week. Nokia has redesigned mobile telephones for customers lower down the income pyramid, adding multiple phone books to accommodate multiple users, plus flashlights that come in handy during power failures.

Emerging markets present daunting challenges, as they are unpredictable and typically have low profit margins. At the same time, they present opportunity to those who can keep up, thanks to rapid growth in some markets as well as untapped potential and underserved customers. Innovation plays an increasingly important role. Companies are doing far more than offering cheap, inferior products.

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Entrepreneurship is Contagious

During a recent trip to Peru we had the opportunity to meet Karolo Pérez Alvarado, a participant in the 2008 LiderAcción youth entrepreneurship program. Taking advantage of the LiderAcción courses on business plan development, as well as one-on-one sessions with LiderAcción’s business plan coaches, Karolo and three other students from Tarapoto, San Martín province worked together to develop a business plan for a bio-tourism company called BioAdventure. Given the rich bio-diversity of the San Martín region, Karolo and his teammates recognized an opportunity to improve upon the basic touristic offerings in their community by injecting adventure into the equation. Based on their plan for BioAdventure, they were awarded first prize in the 2008 LiderAcción business plan contest.

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