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Essay Competition: The Morality of Profit

The SEVEN Fund is sponsoring a global competition inviting discourse on the morality of profit. Writers are asked to submit essays of up to 3,000 words.   SEVEN will award prizes to the top three essays, with a grand prize of $20,000, a second prize of $10,000, and a third prize of $5,000.  The best pieces will be published in a manuscript, and the program will hold an international conference in 2010. Initial submissions will be accepted through February 28, 2010.

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Junior Achievement National Company Program and Expo, Kenya

We just had great Company Program competitions that showcase youth entrepreneurship and here is an article that was featured in our leading newspapers.

From the Business Daily:

Bias for Formal Jobs Hampers Growth of Entrepreneurship

John Wali
Executive Director
Junior Achievement Kenya

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National Business Plan Competition, Pakistan

On February 3, the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) hosted Final Presentations of the National Business Plan Competition jointly organized by ICCI & the Ministry of Youth Affairs (Government of Pakistan). The motive of this competition is to encourage the youth generation to come up with new interventions and make business proposals that are bankable.

Initially 31 entries were received; they were sent for assessment to 3 different jury members along with the judging criteria. After receiving the results, 10 proposals were picked for live presentations in front of an extended panel of judges: 6 along with the officials of MOY & ICCI.


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Burundi Young Entrepreneurs – Together New World Jeancka Foundation

By providing tools for grassroots youth to develop their own business, Jean-Claude Kamwenubusa is developing economically independent entrepreneurs and catalyzing young people’s energy to build a generation of concerned citizens. He has started to encourage grassroots young people and women to make their lives better through entrepreneurship. As a micro-finance institution can help youth with start-up financial credits, Jean-Claude has long experience in establishing Together New World (TNW) Jeancka Foundation.

Together New World Jeancka Foundation is a global youth and professional network worldwide. TNW Jeancka Foundation is being established in Africa, in Burundi and worldwide since 5th May 1993 through participative methods in multicultural, arts, cultural events, in ICT and in global media youth programs.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Videos and Classroom Resources

“Why I see entrepreneurship to be strategic for young people is that it involves them in problem solving of a given community. And we need to encourage more and more of this. We want to look at youth as people who contribute to society.”
—James Shikwati, Director of the Inter Region Economic Network

Some of you are already familiar with the CIPE Development Institute, but I’d like to point out the institute’s section on entrepreneurship and innovation. Enjoy video presentations here by experts:

  • James Shikwati (Kenya) – “Youth Entrepreneurship: The Force of Positive Change”
  • Ruslan Stefanov (Bulgaria) – “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Engines of Growth”
  • Majdi Hassen (Tunisia) – “Barriers to Entrepreneurship”

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