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SEVEN Fund essay competitions

The SEVEN Fund is a virtual non-profit entity run by entrepreneurs whose strategy is to markedly increase the rate of innovation and diffusion of enterprise-based solutions to poverty. We do this by targeted investment that fosters thought leadership through books, films and websites; supporting role models – whether they are entrepreneurs or innovative firms – in developing nations; and shaping a new discourse in government, the press and the academy around private-sector innovation, prosperity and progressive human values.

SEVEN is currently sponsoring two essay competitions, which may be of interest to members of the Community of Young Entrepreneurs. Please find information about these competitions below:
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Youth Interactive Portal for Enterprise, East Africa

The Youth Interactive Portal for Enterprise ( hosts an online portal providing business skills training, information on how to access finance, business ideas & opportunities and advice on how to register a business to East African youth entrepreneurs.

The portal “ Entrepreneurship Portal” is the first of its kind in East Africa specifically targeting youth entrepreneurs with free information and resources aimed at ensuring business sustainability. Unlike other business sites for East Africa,’s Entrepreneurship Portal also hosts a network platform for young entrepreneurs who aim to create and manage growth oriented social enterprises.

On a wider scale, the portal also provides valuable information to aspiring entrepreneurs, business and economic development students, micro-finance institution managers, government policy makers as well as development agencies seeking to promote business opportunities and wealth creation in the region.

Fiona Mati
Youth Interactive Portal for Enterprise (