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CIPE’s 2009 International Youth Essay Competition – good news for Romania

CIPE recently announced the winners of the 2009 International Youth Essay competition. Out of a total of 660 submissions from 106 countries for the three categories of the competition (Citizenship in a Democratic Society; Entrepreneurship and Leadership; Educational Reform and Employment), twelve essays were selected by a panel of judges comprising CIPE’s partners from think tanks all over the world, as well as CIPE staff.
What made this event even more significant to CIPE’s Regional Office in Romania was the fact that the first-prize for the category “Educational Reform and Employment” was awarded to a young Romanian, Irina Alionte.

Irina Alionte’s essay (“Youth Reforms in the Romanian Context”) shows the trajectory of the Romanian educational system from the communist era to this day, and highlights the need for a more sustained effort to provide adequate educational opportunities and career paths for the Romanian youth.
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Entrepreneurship Events in Bolivia

The Bolivian Entrepreneurship Network (BEN) is an organization working at the national level in Bolivia supporting the entrepreneurship movement, especially among youth, since 2005. We are hosting the GEW (Global Entrepreneurship Week) 2009 in Bolivia and we are organizing the Third International Gathering on Entrepreneurship Culture.

We would like to share with you two newsletters in English (see attached file) on the GEW and the entrepreneurship movement in Bolivia.

Best Regards,
Rodrigo Sánchez
BEN (Bolivian Entrepreneurship Network)

Promoting Youth Development: Policy Options and Reform Recommendations

“Today’s youth are tomorrow’s business leaders and elected officials. They have unmatched energy and enthusiasm for the future and it is vital that these energies be given a voice and an outlet to express themselves productively as part of the reform process.” This is the theme of the most recent Economic Reform Policy Paper published by the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).

In this paper Eric Hontz, Global Program Officer at CIPE, and Jessica Perotti examine the social and economic challenges facing youth in developing countries. The authors make the point that the growing number of youth (defined as individuals aged 15 to 24) in developing countries possesses the potential to drive economic growth in these countries; however, only if policies incorporate input from young leaders and recognize the importance of this demographic in shaping future economic and democratic institutions. The paper offers recommendations to increase youth involvement in democratic governance and entrepreneurial activity, thus benefiting the nation’s economy.

Paper at a Glance
• The burgeoning youth population in the developing world has created an impetus to alleviate youth unemployment and political disenfranchisement through reform.
• Needed reforms must be influenced by the grassroots youth community, rather than limited to the traditional, top-down government approach to youth policy.
• The institutional environment has to be improved to facilitate the growth of the private sector and provide employment opportunities to youth entering the labor market.

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Activities of ICCI Youth Forum

On Independence day and International Youth Day, the Government of Pakistan awarded ICCI Youth Forum
with the highest civilian Award, the Jinah Award, and Rs 50,000.

Our delegation of about ten young entrepreneurs will be visiting Germany, Belgium and France from 27th of September. During the visit, our delegation will be meeting with local businessmen, Chambers of Commerce, and other European dignitaries.

Currently I am helping one of the local schools to hold MUN (United Nations Module for Students) from the 2nd of October until the 4th of October. For more details visit or