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News from Red Bolivia Emprendedora (RBE – Entrepreneurship Network of Bolivia)

In the coming months the RBE is preparing two big events in Bolivia!!!

The first one is the Global Entrepreneurship Week. It is the biggest entrepreneurship movement in the world, with the objective to inspire young people to turn their ideas into reality. For one week, from 16 – 22 November, 2009, Global Entrepreneurship Week will connect young people from 72 countries across the globe through local, national, and global activities designed to help them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators. Students, educators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, employees, non-profit leaders, government officials, and many others will participate in a range of activities, from online to face-to-face interactions, and from large-scale competitions and events to intimate networking gatherings. Activities include workshops, camps, exhibitions, and presentations.

If you want to be a part of this event visit Through this initiative we can break national boundaries to connect and collaborate with our peers in other nations, but mainly we become a true entrepreneurial community in the world.
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Reference Guide to Youth Resources

USAID’s Youth Community of Practice has released a compilation of links from 50 issues of its electronic youth bulletin. This indexed reference covers a wide range of organizations, projects, and resources. Members of the Community of Young Entrepreneurs may be interested in the links on entrepreneurship and advocacy, as well as regional listings.

Here is the guide:
Youth Community of Practice Links: The First 50 Issues

To give you one example of the links, the Inter-American Development Bank published a 2006 paper: Continue reading ‘Reference Guide to Youth Resources’ »

European Support for Young Entrepreneurs

The European Union seems to have acknowledged the importance of supporting young entrepreneurs in their quest for success by having introduced a program which has, nonetheless, received little or no attention in the Romanian media, at least.

The program “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” was initiated in order to provide young entrepreneurs with an opportunity to spend time in a company located in a EU country and thus, to improve their knowledge on how to run a business. It receives funding from the European Commission and support from Eurochambres, the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Continue reading ‘European Support for Young Entrepreneurs’ »

Islamabad Young Business Forum

Feeling its responsibility to society and its city, the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry decided to form a Youth Entrepreneur Forum, which works voluntarily for the cause of promoting entrepreneurship among youth and to students about to graduate.

Youth Conference on Entrepreneurship Development and National Youth Policy of Pakistan

One of the basic ideas of this forum is to interact with MBA students and have them realize the value of their education. Every other student who opts for a Medical or Engineering or IT program is adopting a profession and by that in future can be a entrepreneur, but MBA students take it as a tool to get jobs at different banks or multinationals, etc.Youth Conference on Entrepreneurship Development and National Youth Policy of Pakistan

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Initiative to Promote Entrepreneurship in Bolivia

It is a pleasure to be part of this community. I am very happy it has been created to share ideas, experiences, and best practices for stimulating entrepreneurship among youths. This is a great initiative!!!

I want to share with you an initiative to promote entrepreneurship in Bolivia named Red Bolivia Emprendedora (RBE – Bolivian Entrepreneurship Network). The Bolivian Entrepreneurship Network (RBE) is an organization that gathers stakeholders of three different society sectors of Bolivia (Government, Private and Public sector) that offer different services for young entrepreneurs. Among these services are: financing, enterprise development, human resources training, and economic policy. The RBE has the purpose of encouraging coordination and alliances among all these actors to promote and increase value-added services rendered to entrepreneurs so that their work will be more effective and efficient in benefit of an Entrepreneurial Culture. Continue reading ‘Initiative to Promote Entrepreneurship in Bolivia’ »

Community of Young Entrepreneurs Now on Facebook

For the Facebook lovers, we have a created a new community page. You can use it to get the community news and by all means to start conversations on expanding entrepreneurship. Visit the page now!

It’s great to have more subscribers again. Welcome. I know some of you have great stories and ideas, so please let’s hear them: write to

The time for entrepreneurship is now.

Kim Bettcher

Engagement of Rural Youth in Small Business Development, Kyrgyzstan

The Bishkek Business Club (BBC) is building rural youth business capacity through business student volunteerism in the Kyrgyz Republic aimed at raising the potential of rural youngsters for starting and developing their own businesses according to the principles of free market and transparent socially responsible entrepreneurship.

The experience obtained by BBC from the work with rural youth during the last-years’ projects proves that educative and communicative programs based on volunteerism and implemented by the non-for-profit organizations are well known and highly appreciated by the rural youth itself because such initiatives are supposed to give opportunities for self development, to some extent encourage youth’s enthusiasm about staying inside the country and stimulate their social activeness by giving them an idea that the future of the country depends on them. Continue reading ‘Engagement of Rural Youth in Small Business Development, Kyrgyzstan’ »

Why Internships Can Help Young Entrepreneurs

In today’s advanced economies internships are nothing new or unusual. In fact, recent graduates most often go on to completing internships/traineeships before obtaining their first “serious” job, often because they lack the experience required by most employers.

However, in Romania internships are still more of a novelty, especially because there is no “internship culture” (and too little of a “volunteer work culture”). Emphasis is placed on paid work and most young Romanians dream of starting their own business. In addition, the few internships that are available are unpaid, which is probably a drawback for most young graduates. Continue reading ‘Why Internships Can Help Young Entrepreneurs’ »

Frustrations of Cameroonian Youth

I am very happy this community has been created to think about problems of youths. Presently I am developing an essay on the frustrations of the Cameroonian youth. I can’t imagine what agenda is being prepared. The few youths who migrated to the industrial Yaounde and Douala to survive from hawking beside the road have been chased away by the government with the motive of cleaning the city. Forces of law and order are on guard to ensure they go back to the quarters but the bureaucracy and corruption surrounding the processes of starting and running a business in Cameroon remain untouched.

What is the future of young graduates in Cameroon? Who will lead the country if at all power ever changes hands? The incidence of poverty and unemployment is on the increase yet university graduates are filling the streets daily. A recent walk down town Yaounde pricked my heart as I saw mates smuggle to sell watches and others to sustain their livelihoods. They can’t stay back in the villages with their parents as well because it’s quite frustrating after huge sums of money have been used to sponsor them with the thought that, educating a child is “family investment in Africa”. They cannot go to agriculture due to its numerous bottlenecks.

The Cameroonian youth are in trouble. I really question the motive of diverse institutions of higher learning without further opportunities of entrepreneurship. Dumped developed human capital I would say.

Glory Lueong
University Student