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Africa Youth Trust, Kenya

At the moment we are very much working on mobilizing and educating youth groups and showing them the importance of working as a group since “Bonded together by one destiny, one vision.” We organized youth meetings and forums where they are in a position of sharing and exchanging ideas. It’s easy to work with youth fund as a loan and not a grant.

Being part of our success, we have the following:

  • the youth ministry and several non-stake organizations have started initiatives to develop leadership skills and empower the youth
  • the election of President Obama has given the youth new hope, that “yes is possible!”
  • have youth programmers that involve showcasing of youth talents and achievements
  • peer to peer learning
  • mentorship skills training
  • leadership skills training
  • motivating and inspirational speakers
  • showcasing alternative options for employment other than classical employment i.e. kazi kwa vijana, engage in business hence creation of self employment. Continue reading ‘Africa Youth Trust, Kenya’ »

Promoting Young Entrepreneurs in Nepal: An Effort by Samriddhi, the Prosperity Foundation

Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation is a public policy think tank based in Nepal working to promote entrepreneurship and economic freedom in Nepal. It was established after the April 2006 movement whereby Nepal gained political freedom but economic freedom still remained a far fetched agenda. One of the focus areas for Samriddhi has been working with young people on promoting entrepreneurship and ideas of economic freedom.

Nepal’s education system has been plagued by traditional teaching methods and an age old curricula which promotes the creation of job seekers rather than job creators. Therefore, Samriddhi using the strength of its young staff team has designed and is delivering a unique program called ‘Arthalaya’ – School of Economics and Entrepreneurship targeted at undergraduate and graduate students. This program is a unique combination of theory and practice where while attending lectures given by skilled professionals and academicians, the participants also practice their learning in the form of a business simulation that runs in the background. All participants attending Arthalaya, a five day residential camp, are required to run a business for five days. At the end of the program a winning company is chosen based on the highest return on investment. Continue reading ‘Promoting Young Entrepreneurs in Nepal: An Effort by Samriddhi, the Prosperity Foundation’ »

Entrepreneurship Community Gets Off the Ground

Thank you for the strong expression of interest in this new effort to support young entrepreneurs and to learn from one another. Fifty people have subscribed already to the Community of Young Entrepreneurs. Among you there are some very dynamic individuals I know.

This community is about sharing ideas and experiences. We encourage a wide spectrum of entrepreneurs and leaders to share their thoughts on how best to support the development of entrepreneurship in emerging markets. Over the next several days you will start to see examples of initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship. Please support the authors who are contributing by commenting on their efforts. Also think about what stories you would like to share and issues to raise.

Remember to visit the CYE website to comment and search for stories. You can contact me at

I’m looking forward to an innovative exchange of ideas!

Kim Bettcher
Knowledge Management Officer
Center for International Private Enterprise

Welcome to the Community of Young Entrepreneurs

The Community of Young Entrepreneurs exchanges ideas and best practices for stimulating entrepreneurship. It’s about sharing the ways that you as a leader can improve the business environment for your firm and your country.

Are you a young entrepreneur? Do you help promote entrepreneurship? Your insights, experience, news, and opinions are valuable to others. We invite you to share your views! Send an item to or add a comment.