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CIPE Entrepreneurship Update

Pakistan – During the Google for Entrepreneurs Week, the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA) led three awareness sessions to inspire university students to pursue entrepreneurship as a career. The workshops featured local serial entrepreneur Jawwad Farid who shared his experience about starting a business and facing failures. In total, the events attracted nearly 500 students and were held in Karachi at the Institute of Business Administration and the National University of Computing & Emerging Sciences. This project is a part of a multiregional CIPE initiative also taking place in Nicaragua and Serbia to help chambers and associations implement youth-focused programs.

CIPE Pakistan participated in a range of Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrations. Two events were organized to train bloggers on writing entrepreneurial stories, and two interview sessions were held to capture and publish entrepreneurs’ stories from Pakistan. To date, 12 such stories have already been published on various blogs and 10 more are forthcoming. Additionally, in cooperation with the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce, CIPE held a seminar to discuss the role of business incubators in various universities. Representatives of 14 companies recommended improvements in the work of these incubators.

Peru – On November 16-17, CIPE partner Instituto Invertir organized the second conference for alumni of its EmprendeAhora program. Roughly 80 alumni from around the country traveled to Lima to attend the two day event which featured new workshops on entrepreneurship and leadership, as well as a discussion on the consolidation of the alumni network. CIPE Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean John Zemko spoke at the event. After the conference, several alumni were interviewed by national media outlets, including El Comercio.

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News from Young Entrepreneurs Group of Asia Pacific

The Young Entrepreneurs Group of Asia Pacific (YEGAP) hosted its annual breakout session during the 27th CACCI Conference on March 14-15, 2013 in Cebu City, Philippines. The breakout session was attended by over 100 delegates and featured distinguished speakers such as YEGAP’s chairperson Anna Marie Periquet, YEGAP’s co-chairman Teisuke Suzuki, and the Undersecretary for Economic Relations and Senior Official of the Philippines for the Asia Pacific Economic Conference Laura Del Rosario. The emphasis of the breakout session was on fostering entrepreneurship as a source for economic growth and wealth as well as a force to combat poverty. Other noteworthy events include the launch of the 5th Asia-Pacific Young Entrepreneur Award that seeks to recognize excellent young entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region who are advocates for corporate social responsibility. The newsletter featured an article on the Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry Medallion, which was given to YEGAP’s chairman and vice-chairman in recognition of their leadership capacity.

The newsletter also highlights the 8th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Youth and the 4th ASEAN Plus Three Ministerial Meeting on Youth, which concluded on May 23, 2013 in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. The meetings discussed directions and initiatives to further promote ASEAN youths in contributing towards the future of the ASEAN Community.

CIPE released a new Guide to Youth Entrepreneurship Programs for Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations that is a resource for Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations on private sector job creation and combating high youth unemployment.

The newsletter featured an article on “Employment and Entrepreneurship” written by Patricia Francis, who is the Executive Director of the International Trade Centre which emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurs in creating new employment opportunities worldwide. Through a stronger focus on capacity building and institutional support to respond to market needs, and better access to finance for SMEs, it is possible to increase export and income opportunities for all entrepreneurs, including women, who represent a largely untapped source for entrepreneurship and employment. These matters relate to the core of  ITC’s mission, which is to provide assistance and ensure that entrepreneurs’ ideas and products are correctly aligned to market needs and trends, while at the same time meeting the standards and quality required to compete effectively.

The complete newsletter can be found here. Final-YEGAPnewsletter

Submitted by Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry

CIPE Entrepreneurship Update

Peru –The Peruvian Ministry of Production recently launched an entrepreneurship program – Crea y Emprende – for high school students based on the concept of the CIPE-supported EmprendeAhora youth leadership and entrepreneurship program organized by Instituto Invertir. This program was designed by EmprendeAhora alumna and Ministry employee Antonella Romero. It will be carried out in 100 schools throughout Peru, and approximately 5,000 students per year will benefit from the program. The program’s launch event video is available here.

Guatemala – The National Economic Research Center (CIEN) held a press conference to present an institutional report, “Successful Entrepreneurs and Productive Jobs,” to propose ways to strengthen and promote entrepreneurial activity in Guatemala. Seventeen journalists from the major media outlets attended the presentation, including Nuevo Mundo, Emisoras Unidas, Radio Punto, TGW Radio, and news channels TN 23, Noti 7, Telediario, T13 Noticias, and Canal Antigua. This press conference is part of CIPE and CIEN’s effort to increase public support for institutional reform.

Ecuador – Jose Antonio Dutan, Juan Javier Parrales, Evelyn Zamoto, Walter Buenanno, and Rolando Quishpe, participants of CIPE-supported Emprendedores Ecuatorianos youth leadership and entrepreneurship program organized by Instituto Ecuatoriano de Economía y Política held 3 workshops for high school students in Riobamba-Chimborazo, Quevedo-Los Rios, and Loja-Loja, with more than 270 students participating in the workshop. During the workshop, the facilitator and participants learned about and discussed topics in line with those taught by Emprendedores Ecuatorianos such as leadership, democracy, and entrepreneurship.

Pakistan – The Peshawar Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, working under a small grant from CIPE, has put forward to the regional government a set of policy recommendations to benefit women entrepreneurs in the region. This week the Chamber held a closing event for over 100 participants. The Education Minister agreed to consider including basic business education at the middle school level across the province and a regional focus group for women entrepreneurs will be formed to work on the other policy recommendations. The event was widely covered by the press, including:,, and

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The Emergence of Ecosystems

Where do entrepreneurship ecosystems come from? Are they historical accidents or does someone create them? During Democracy That Delivers for Entrepreneurs in Chicago, April 9-10, expert panelists shared their insights into the rise of ecosystems…

Entrepreneurship springs from the grass roots. That’s the beauty of the phenomenon. Entrepreneurs dream up solutions that no one else does and then take initiative to give them life. As SRAM founder F.K. Day remarked, entrepreneurs need an enabling infrastructure but also should be allowed to thrive. Give them some air. Build solutions from the ground up.

A market economy functions on the basis of clear rules. Aurelio Concheso explained how reasonable, predictable rules allow entrepreneurs to go about their business. We must watch that rules are not slanted toward those who are already in the system, or else small entrepreneurs will drift into informality. The fascinating thing is that today’s informal economies evolve into tomorrow’s formal systems, so it is necessary to find mechanisms that provide access to modern markets.

An ecosystem feeds on knowledge. Entrepreneurship isn’t really about business startups or new technologies. It’s about making the connections across disciplines. Economists point to the knowledge spillover effects of entrepreneurship (Zoltán Ács et al.). These spillovers and connections may flourish in a democracy, where, as Linda Darragh noted, people can interact and learn from others who are different from them. Entrepreneurs benefit from the wisdom of others who have gone before and can avoid repeating the same mistakes (Day).

Communities support entrepreneurship. Brad Feld has written about this in Startup Communities. We can look beyond entrepreneurs’ networks, though, to the cultivation of active citizenship. Dr. Jesus Estanislao, recipient of the Hernando de Soto Award, stressed the importance of tapping community spirit and aligning citizen initiatives to build entrepreneurial cities. As a start, Darragh recommended building communities one issue at a time, bringing like-minded people together.

Kim Bettcher

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CIPE Entrepreneurship Update

Washington, DC – CIPE released a new guidebook on youth entrepreneurship programs for chambers of commerce and business associations. Chambers of commerce and business associations play a pivotal role in supporting entrepreneurship; they are uniquely positioned between governments looking to create economic growth and the private sector desire to develop a new generation of employees. This new guidebook is a resource for chambers of commerce, associations, and other business-oriented groups seeking to address some of the obstacles that young people face as they attempt to enter the economy in their communities. By sharing practical lessons from around the world, it serves as a guide to develop or expand successful youth entrepreneurship and employment programs. Download a copy of the newly released Guide to Youth Entrepreneurship Programs for Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations or read more about it on the CIPE Development Blog.

Ecuador – Approximately 50 university students from throughout Ecuador gathered in Guayaquil for the second session of the CIPE-supported Emprendedores Ecuatorianos youth leadership and entrepreneurship program organized by Instituto Ecuatoriano de Economia Politica (IEEP). Business consultant Oswaldo Toscano presented on marketing tools for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and was followed by SME consultant Felipe Rendón. In one activity, students were divided into groups for a mock business plan competition where they worked through each aspect of business plan development. Students also had the opportunity to work one on one with Toscano and Rendón to hone their individual business ideas.

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Democracy and Entrepreneurship in India

Does entrepreneurship and democracy go hand and hand in India? While India is touted as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies with “billions of entrepreneurs,” according to one author the ideals of entrepreneurship itself goes against the wheels of the country’s subjective democracy “where the caste system still rules the roost” of society.

In this week’s Economic Reform Feature Service Article from CIPE, Chandrima Padmanabhan, the grand prize winner of CIPE’s 2012 International Youth Essay Competition, talks about the relationship between democracy and entrepreneurship  in India in her provocatively titled essay “Entrepreneurship in India: The Evolution of the Pedestrian Pariah.”

Chandrima explains that the title of the essay is meant to reflect democratic and economic struggles that ordinary citizens, including aspiring entrepreneurs, face:

By pedestrian, I’m referring to every ‘undistinguished, ordinary’ person who walks our streets. And by pariah I meant ‘outcast’. About 60 per cent of India’s population is not so well to do. They walk the streets when they can, instead of using automobiles and they live in small houses, not high-rise apartments. But the India of today doesn’t cater to the masses. It caters to the rich and affluent.

By pedestrian pariah I highlight the common people of India who make the majority of the population but are still outcasts in every decision making/policy influencing scheme.

Read the entire article here.

As a grand prize winner, Chandrima Padmanabhan will be attending CIPE’s upcoming Democracy that Delivers for Entrepreneurs conference April 9-10 in Chicago.

CIPE Entrepreneurship Update

  • Pakistan – With support from CIPE, the economic policy think tank PRIME has partnered with the Youth Economic Forum of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry to launch a survey called “Youth Voices on Political Economy.” This survey of 1,200 young people, including entrepreneurs, seeks to evaluate their understanding of the economic and political issues facing Pakistan.
  • Afghanistan – The Federation of Afghanistan Craftsmen and Traders (FACT) held a conference on access to credit for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Among the nearly 100 participants were representatives of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, commercial banks, and leading figures in the business community. FACT outlined a set of policy recommendations to encourage the growth of business, including lowering interest rates on loans and easing collateral conditions. The Ministry of Economy plans to host a follow-up meeting to discuss how to move forward on these recommendations, and the bank officials have pledged to raise these issues at board-level discussions.
  • Peru – Approximately 120 university students from throughout Peru gathered at the University of Lima for the third session of the CIPE-supported EmprendeAhora youth leadership and entrepreneurship program organized by Instituto Invertir. The top 10 business plan groups presented their plans to a jury at the beginning of the educational session. The jury, composed of Invertir staff, University of Lima professors, entrepreneurs, and sponsors, chose the three best business plans. These three groups will receive awards and additional training from Invertir after the program in an effort to help them grow their businesses and enrich their entrepreneurial knowledge.
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Why Do Entrepreneurs Operate in the Shadow Economy?

Originally posted on the CIPE Development Blog

What is the “rule of law” and why does it matter for entrepreneurs? In this video, Democracy that Delivers for Entrepreneurs keynote speaker Hernando de Soto explains how the legal and institutional structures that entrepreneurs and business people in the developed world take for granted are sorely lacking in many developing countries. As a result, those who want to start a business are often forced to operate in the shadows — lacking formal registrations, licenses, and any protection for their property.

De Soto’s organization, the Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD), estimated that up to five billion people may be completely shut out of the legal system. The results can be catastrophic and even world-changing.

When Tunisian fruit peddler Mohamed Bouazazi had his cart, scale, and inventory confiscated by a police inspector in 2011, he was so despondent that he set himself on fire — igniting the Arab Spring that brought down several governments around the region.

Bouazizi’s name has now gone down in history, but he was not alone. ILD has found dozens of informal entrepreneurs around the Middle East and North Africa who immolated themselves for similar reasons. In a much less dramatic fashion, these kinds of institutional barriers to entrepreneurship stifle economic growth and opportunity around the world on a daily basis.

On April 9-10, CIPE will host a conference in Chicago, IL, to discuss solutions to these problems and many others faced by entrepreneurs around the world. Join us to learn from leading entrepreneurship and policy experts and to share your ideas and experiences! Single-day and student registration rates are now available, so please register today.

Democracy that Delivers for Entrepreneurs!

Center for International Private Enterprise


March 2013 – Special Edition

Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the development of democracy. It expands opportunity, unleashes individual initiative, and cultivates independent citizens who have a stake in society. That is why CIPE is focusing on entrepreneurship in its upcoming conference, Democracy that Delivers for Entrepreneurs, on April 9-10, 2013 in Chicago. Looking ahead to this unique event, the Entrepreneurship Update serves to start a conversation about how entrepreneurship can help democracy deliver to citizens around the world.

URGENT: Only Three Weeks
Left to Register for Democracy that Delivers for Entrepreneurs!

Hernando de Soto

Special offer: On the evening of April 9th all attendees registered at a standard rate will be invited to an exclusive reception featuring the Hernando de Soto Award for Democracy.

During CIPE’s two-day conference, joining Chicago notables such as Kevin Willer, President and CEO of Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center, Glenn F. Tilton, Chairman of the Midwest at JPMorgan Chase, and Ambassador (ret) J.D. Bindenagel, Senior Advisor to the President for International and Global Chicago Affairs at DePaul University, will be keynote speaker Hernando de Soto, former Philippines Finance Minister Dr. Jesus Estanislao, and many other high-profile international experts and business leaders. Don’t miss out on the chance to hear experts such as:

Linda Darragh

Linda Darragh, Executive Director, Kellogg Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. Darragh’s professional and volunteer experience has focused on enhancing entrepreneurship in Chicago for three decades. Most recently, Ms. Darragh has focused her efforts on early stage financing in the realm of for-profit social ventures – impact investing.

Michael Hershman

Michael Hershman, President and CEO, Fairfax Group USA and co-founder of Transparency International. Hershman is an internationally recognized expert on matters relating to transparency, accountability, governance, litigation and security. Since 2008, he has been named every consecutive year to the Ethisphere Institute’s list of the top 100 most influential people in business ethics worldwide.

Randall Tavierne
Randall Tavierne, Global Markets Leader for Strategic Growth Markets for Ernst & Young LLP. Tavierne has nearly 30 years of experience concentrating primarily on high-growth entrepreneurial and multinational companies which are public, private, private equity backed and venture capital backed.


How do Institutions Facilitate Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship cartoon 2012

By Hernando de Soto, President, Institute for Liberty and Democracy

To do all the things that entrepreneurs in developed countries take for granted – like dividing labor, using property as collateral, protecting personal assets, expanding markets, or creating economies of scale – entrepreneurs in developing nations need the standards that only legal institutions can provide.

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20 Entrepreneurial Women You Should Be Following on Twitter

20 entrepreneurial women on Twitter

By Anna Nadgrodkiewicz, CIPE Senior Program Officer, Global

The power of social media, and in particular Twitter, has allowed these empowered women to share not just their big ideas, but the daily details and information sources they rely on to advance the issues they care about. Let’s harness the power of social media to connect with such women and share their work.

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The State of Entrepreneurship
in Bolivia

By Sergio Daga, CIPE-Atlas Corps Think Tank LINKS Fellow serving at the Heritage Foundation

Entrepreneur in Bolivia

Although “attitudes and perceptions to become an entrepreneur are quite favorable within Bolivians” (GEM Report Bolivia, 2010), the truth is that the vast majority of Bolivian entrepreneurs have low aspiration to increase production and to create jobs. Entrepreneurs are not innovating nor advancing the use of technology into their products and services. As a result they face higher competition and lower prices for their products.

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Young Women Entrepreneurs Overcome Challenges in Peru

By Claudia Hasbun, CIPE Program Assistant, Latin America and the Caribbean

EmprendeAhora class

Entrepreneurship and business ownership is becoming an increasingly attractive career path for many young women in Latin America — with the help of programs like the CIPE-supported EmprendeAhora entrepreneurship and leadership courses in Peru.

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Democracy that Delivers for Entrepreneurs
Chicago, IL | April 9-10, 2013

A conference on building strong, inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems that help democracies deliver for all segments of the population.


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This conference is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy and J.P. Morgan. CIPE is a core institute of the National Endowment for Democracy, which provides funding for many of CIPE’s projects. CIPE is also an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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