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Support CIPE on #GivingTuesday!


How will you spend next Tuesday?

CIPE is partnering with #GivingTuesday  to celebrate a day of philanthropy on December 3rd.

After enjoying delicious food on Thanksgiving, and indulging in some shopping sprees on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, why not join a global movement to give back to the community?

On Tuesday December 3rd, become part of this exciting movement by supporting CIPE’s efforts to develop young leaders from around the world. Through our ChamberL.I.N.K.S.  program and the Think Tank LINKS Fellowship, CIPE empowers youth to become active leaders in civil society and work toward meaningful change in their communities.

Check out videos for both programs and learn more about how to support here:

Your donation (whether that’s $20 or $100) will help make a difference! By investing, you are developing young people’s skills to become future champions of change!

CIPE Blog Competition


invites you to participate in our first Blog Competition.

We are looking for bloggers who have a passion for democratic and economic
reforms and their role in development. You don’t need to be a professional
writer or affiliated with an organization — anyone who can tell a compelling
story is welcome to submit their best post.

Your blog post should be in English and address one of the following three topics:

1. How can social media empower citizens to participate in democratic dialogue on
constructive reform?

2. What experiences from other countries can guide the role of youth in your
country’s democratic and economic development?

3. What story or personal experience can you share to illustrate the need and
possible solutions for democratic and economic reforms in your country?

The submission deadline is December 2, 2013. Authors of the three best posts will each receive a $250
honorarium and CIPE will publish the winning entries on the CIPE Development Blog.

Rules and submission guidelines can be found here.


International Social Entrepreneurship Conference in Istanbul

The International Social Entrepreneurship Conference is being held February 29 to March 1. Organised by the British Council, TACSO and TÜSEV (Third Sector Foundation of Turkey), the conference has gathered 150 experienced social entrepreneurs and supporters of social entrepreneurship from the Western Balkans, Turkey, Ukraine and Georgia and United Kingdom. The conference aims to strengthen connections between social entrepreneurs across the region and the EU, strengthen relationships between social entrepreneurs and supporters of social entrepreneurship, facilitate exchange of knowledge, and raise awareness of the role social entrepreneurship can play in the region.

Prof. Üstün Ergüder, Chairman of the Third Sector Foundation of Turkey, stated, “We hope that the discussions will inspire both civil society organisations and individual entrepreneurs to start or develop their social enterprises and to become more innovative while approaching social problems.”

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From One Generation to the Next: Advice from Successful Romanian Entrepreneurs

On November 29, 2011, the CIPE Regional Office in Romania and the National School for Political and Administrative Studies (NSPAS) organized the seminar “Today’s Entrepreneurs for Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs: Practical Advice from Successful Romanian Entrepreneurs”. The seminar was held at NSPAS and welcomed undergraduate students interested in becoming entrepreneurs at some point.

Around forty undergraduate students heard stories from two very successful Romanian entrepreneurs. Ms. Diana Blinda is the founder of Hansen Office Design, a luxury office furniture distribution chain and Mr. Antonio Eram is the founder of both an online payment service,, and Netopia System, the leading SMS platform provider in Romania with a branch operating in Silicon Valley as well. The guests offered their insights on entrepreneurship and the challenges of starting a business in Romania from a very matter-of-fact perspective. Each guest also shared their views on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.
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Write, race, win! CIPE’s Youth Essay Competition Continues to Inspire its Winners

CIPE Regional Office (Romania) staff recently had the opportunity to meet with Irina Alionte, one of the winners of CIPE’s Youth Essay Competition (2009 edition). In a previous article, CIPE Regional Office was proudly reporting on the influence of CIPE’s essay competition on Irina’s subsequent trajectory.

Irina continues to act as Marketing Manager at her family’s business – Shakespeare School, a Bucharest-based foreign languages educational institution which specializes in English courses for students between 5 and 25 years old. In addition, Irina’s plans include pursuing post-graduate studies in the United Kingdom, as well as opening a foundation aiming to support academic excellence, upon completing her studies and returning to Romania.

Having won the CIPE competition in 2009, Irina was inspired to organize an essay competition (in English) at Shakespeare School, Continue reading ‘Write, race, win! CIPE’s Youth Essay Competition Continues to Inspire its Winners’ »

CIPE Youth Essay Competition Stimulates Romanian Winner to Organize Similar Contest

Irina Alionte (Romania), last year’s Youth Essay Competition first-prize winner for the category Educational Reform and Employment, recently visited the CIPE Regional Office, Romania to share her achievements over the past year and the story of how the prize she won last year has influenced her outlook on life.

Irina is currently serving as Marketing Manager for her family’s business – Shakespeare School, a Bucharest-based foreign languages educational institution which specializes in English courses for students between 5 and 25 years old. Among the several interesting achievements Irina has had since winning the CIPE Youth Essay Competition, one particularly stands out because, as Irina mentioned, it was inspired by CIPE’s competition.

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E-skills for Young Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers in Romania

In the context of the European E-skills Week, the Romanian public witnessed the launch of a new and exciting project targeting the youth – the portal (the Romanian translation of e-skills), which represents a bridge between IT resource providers and young people in need of IT skills in order to obtain a job or start their own business.

In Romania the E-skills campaign was launched in October 2009 by a Consortium comprising Microsoft Romania, Junior Achievement Romania and a number of Romanian NGOs, in response to a study conducted by International Data Corporation. The results of the study showed that five years from now, in Romania, 90% of all jobs in all fields will require applicants to have IT skills.

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Professional Integration and Youth Entrepreneurship Support in the County of Iasi, Romania

The county of Iasi, in North-Eastern Romania, is currently the geographical target for an ambitious project aiming to help the youth find jobs or start a business. The 222,000-euro project “Professional Integration and Youth Entrepreneurship Support in the County of Iasi” started in November 2008 and is scheduled to end in November 2010.

Under the leadership of Unidea-UniCredit Foundation (which is also the funder of the project), several local councils and Iasi County Council have collaborated with local NGOs which work with vulnerable young people. The main objective of the program is to integrate 400 young people into the labor market and also to support 200 young aspiring entrepreneurs, selected among students in the final years of college/high school.

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European Entrepreneurship Video Award 2010

This year, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry will be hosting the second edition of the European Entrepreneurship Video Award.

The European Commission is inviting enterprising film lovers to produce a short video on the following questions:

What is entrepreneurship all about?
What could encourage people to become entrepreneurs?
What could counteract old prejudices and offer new visions of entrepreneurship?

The contest includes three different categories:

“Entrepreneurship – A different way of life”
“Entrepreneurship – Challenges and rewards”
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The Entrepreneur Factory

Interestingly, the most recent projects in the area of youth entrepreneurship have been initiated at an academic level. One of these initiatives is the “Entrepreneur Factory”, a program that has been developed by the Career Center, a Romanian organization aiming to help students and recent graduates to start a career.

The rationale behind this program is that well trained entrepreneurs will be client-oriented and will aim to achieve excellence in their fields. Subsequently, they will expect their employees and coworkers to exhibit the same type of attitude, thereby contributing to the dissemination of best practices on a larger scale, as well as the promotion of professionalism. At the same time, they will contribute to the development of a sustainable and creative business environment that can only benefit the entire Romanian society. Continue reading ‘The Entrepreneur Factory’ »