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The Entrepreneur Factory

Interestingly, the most recent projects in the area of youth entrepreneurship have been initiated at an academic level. One of these initiatives is the “Entrepreneur Factory”, a program that has been developed by the Career Center, a Romanian organization aiming to help students and recent graduates to start a career.

The rationale behind this program is that well trained entrepreneurs will be client-oriented and will aim to achieve excellence in their fields. Subsequently, they will expect their employees and coworkers to exhibit the same type of attitude, thereby contributing to the dissemination of best practices on a larger scale, as well as the promotion of professionalism. At the same time, they will contribute to the development of a sustainable and creative business environment that can only benefit the entire Romanian society. Continue reading ‘The Entrepreneur Factory’ »

European Support for Young Entrepreneurs

The European Union seems to have acknowledged the importance of supporting young entrepreneurs in their quest for success by having introduced a program which has, nonetheless, received little or no attention in the Romanian media, at least.

The program “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” was initiated in order to provide young entrepreneurs with an opportunity to spend time in a company located in a EU country and thus, to improve their knowledge on how to run a business. It receives funding from the European Commission and support from Eurochambres, the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Continue reading ‘European Support for Young Entrepreneurs’ »

Why Internships Can Help Young Entrepreneurs

In today’s advanced economies internships are nothing new or unusual. In fact, recent graduates most often go on to completing internships/traineeships before obtaining their first “serious” job, often because they lack the experience required by most employers.

However, in Romania internships are still more of a novelty, especially because there is no “internship culture” (and too little of a “volunteer work culture”). Emphasis is placed on paid work and most young Romanians dream of starting their own business. In addition, the few internships that are available are unpaid, which is probably a drawback for most young graduates. Continue reading ‘Why Internships Can Help Young Entrepreneurs’ »