Women are an emerging economic force. In emerging markets across the globe, women are expanding their participation in business and stimulating economic development. The voices and leadership of women entrepreneurs are essential to enlarging access to opportunity and invigorating the democratic process.

The Community of Women Entrepreneurs shares ideas, experiences, best practices, and resources to empower women economically and politically. This community is hosted and moderated by the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE). The views expressed by the authors are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Center for International Private Enterprise.

We welcome articles, posts, and news on women’s entrepreneurship in emerging markets: write to partners@cipe.org. Respect intellectual property and ensure you have permission to publish items that you submit. By submitting your articles, comments, or images to the Community of Women Entrepreneurs, you allow CIPE the right to publish your submissions online and in print.


  1. Nadine Gueissa:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Being a management consultant, a certified Dale Carnegie instructor and a DBA student, i meet many successful Women Entrepreneurs in Cairo. There are other that i’m aware of.

    Being in an association allows knowledge transfer and provides a support system for new business people. This is why I would like to establish a Community of Women Entrepreneurs in Egypt.

    I was wondering if you could share with me some guidelines or other success stories in the MEA.

    thank you in advance
    Nadine Gueissa

  2. fozia gulfam:

    hei I m Fozia from pakistan.It was a wonderful apportunity to come to ur office being a part of IVLP program.I would like to do any thing to improve ecenomic condition of my community.Thanks fozia

  3. Megha:

    Dear madam,

    I am Assistant professor in management and an research scholar . My thesis is on women entrepreneurship in in India.
    Since i am in my initial stages of my project i would like some suggestions and some guidelines for my thesis.

    Thank you

  4. Fraz:

    Nice to see this blog and it is good for women development.

    Any woman on this forum can ask me any suggestion/Querry/issue/problem for the development of women in Pakistan-Middle East-Asia

  5. Saddiqa:

    Hello I am Saddiqa working in a development sector organization based in Pakistan. I am also doing M.Phil in International Development Studies. Since its the stage where I have to decide about my thesis topic, issues related to women entrepreneurism seemed to be an interesting topic…I am thinking on highlighting the reasons that why in countries like Pakistan women cannot establish their small business what obstacles they face and how they can be bridged…can someone help me regarding this with some reading material or more in-depth analysis???

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