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  1. Kinza Chaudhary:

    I represent WEF – Women Enterprise Forum. Would like to collaborate with ‘Community of Women Entrepreneurs’ to promote entrepreneurship among women in Pakistan.

    About WEF:
    WEF focuses on enabling women to handle and run their businesses both independently and professionally. As known by all, Pakistan has an English speaking population of 18 million (11% of the total population), out of which 8 million are women. These women have the skills, ability and capacity to start a business, and with a little guidance, they can start a business that could prosper well. Thereby, we aim at working for today’s educated women such that we can help them in setting up businesses in various sectors where they can be productive and integrate IT into their businesses. WEF helps women make their businesses successful, both online and offline, with the aid of knowledge and skills that they acquire from our mentors from different walks of life.

    You can call me on this number: +923008236066 or mail me:


    Kinza Chaudhary
    Country Representative.

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