Economically Empowering Women in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development recently published a document that seeks to expand the level of women’s participation in the mainstream economy.  The Broad Based Women Economic Empowerment (BBWEE) framework acts as an implementation plan to ensure women control an equal share of the economy and benefit from all possible economic opportunities.

By communicating the vision, goal and underlying principles of BBWEE, the framework can be applied generally to the private sector, NGOs, and government organizations.  The document defines operational objectives, main pillars, and intervention areas that are imperative to economically empowering women.  Key actions as well as a time frame for each are outlined in the framework and an indicative budget is laid out for partners.  In addition to laying out the individual steps, the framework identifies key indicators for monitoring progress and impact.

In support of the BBWEE, the Women Alliance of Business Associations of Zimbabwe (WABAZ) has agreed to participate in the government’s plan.  The government’s willingness to cooperate with civil society in implementing and monitoring the BBWEE framework is a good step to ensuring that the new plan effectively increases women’s participatory possibilities.

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