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Second International Balkan Countries Women and Business Conference Announced

The Second International Balkan Countries Women and Business Conference will be held December 22, 2011 in Edirne, Turkey. Though the main theme of the conference is “Determining Strategies for Better Women Cooperation in Business Between Balkan Countries”, the conference will also focus on topics including law and regulation on business and women in Balkan countries, practical issues for business and women in Balkan countries, good and bad cases of women and business in Balkan countries, and developing women’s power in various sectors. For additional information about the conference or to see a list keynote speakers and panelists visit the conference page here.

Assoc. Prof. Kiymet Caliyurt,
Conference President

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New Showroom for Women Entrepreneurs to Open in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BWCCI) is continuously working for women’s empowerment, the basic human rights of women against eve teasing and domestic violence, as well as equal participation for women in all spheres of life. BWCCI places a special focus on entrepreneurship development by persistently calling on policy makers to take action with regard to women entrepreneurs.

For the past ten years BWCCI has requested that the Government create a common retail outlet for women entrepreneurs to display and sell their products, as many micro and small entrepreneurs do not have the resources to do so on their own. BWCCI’s commitment to this goal has proven successful. Yesterday, Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the launched of a new showroom located in Rapa Plaza, and spoke of aims to place similar showrooms in other districts. The Prime Minister also warned against all types of violence against women. BWCCI hailed this initiative and thanks all of its partners for their continued support.

A newspaper article detailing the announcement and the Prime Minister’s remarks can be read here.

Selima Ahmad
President, BWCCI

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New Women’s Coalition in Zimbabwe

The Women’s Alliance of Business Associations in Zimbabwe (WABAZ), a newly formed women’s coalition hosted a public launch of the organization. As part of the launch, Dr. Charity Manyeruke author of a CIPE-commissioned study on women entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe presented the report, which examines the enabling environment and potential for women’s empowerment in the country. The Minister of Industry and Commerce, the Minister and Permanent Secretary of Regional Integration and Economic Cooperation, as well as members of Parliament, and the Permanent Secretaries from the Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Economic Development and the Ministry of SMEs were in attendance. The President of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce – organizers and supporters of WABAZ – gave remarks, as did the Chairwoman of WABAZ. The Ministers gave brief presentations and pledge their maximum support for the coalition. The event, which was also attended by top women business executives in the country, was covered by both the print and electronic media. CIPE is supporting the growth of WABAZ through ZNCC to strengthen the voice of business associations in the country to represent the interests of the private sector in dialogue with the government.

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Celebrating Ten Years of Women Entrepreneurship Development in Romania

This year the Association for Women Entrepreneurship Development (ADAF) in Romania celebrated ten years of activity. ADAF is a non-governmental organization which aims at promoting and supporting women entrepreneurship. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, ADAF organized a conference titled “Accomplishments and Prospects for Women Entrepreneurship in Romania”. The event took place on October 27 at the House of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania and brought together over one hundred participants including public officials from the government of Romania, women business association members, individual entrepreneurs, members of the academia, and media representatives.
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