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International Women’s Day in Liberia

Women in Liberia were opportune to have Her Excellency Madam Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director of UN Women to come to Liberia to celebrate with us The 100 anniversary of International Women’s Day; and the first anniversary of UN Women Day. She was the guest of our President, Her Excellency Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first female president of Liberia and in Africa. Women from 75 women organizations paraded in the streets of Monrovia and had an indoor program. During the program, Madam Bachelet spoke on the Theme: Access to Education, Training, Science and Technology: “Pathway to Decent Work for Women”. That evening, a dinner was hosted by the Minister of Gender and Development in honor of Madam Bachelet and Our President, Her Excellency Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Presidents of various women organizations were invited to attend the dinner. We had such a wonderful time with our guest.

I hope you all had a wonderful celebration like we did in Liberia.

Theodosia Clark-Wah
Liberian Women In Democracy

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Gender Insensitivity in the Workplace in Pakistan

Gender discrimination in the workplace continues to limit women’s participation in business in Pakistan. A recent article on the outlines the major obstacles women face, paying particular attention to gender insensitive workplace environments. According to the article employers tend to trivialize women’s issues and often fail to offer even the minimal protections for women required by law. The greatest concentration of women can be found in low paying unskilled positions, and feminized professions including teaching, low level administrative positions, nursing and household work. While other industries, such as textiles and pharmaceuticals, prefer to hire women over men, high unemployment rates among women result in poor working conditions and low rates of pay. Continue reading ‘Gender Insensitivity in the Workplace in Pakistan’ »

Women Empowering Women in Bangladesh

“Since 2006, CIPE has supported the Bangladesh Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BWCCI), as it has grown into the leading voice of women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. From humble beginnings in 2001, the organization now has 2,500 members across the country, served by a main office in Dhaka and several regional branch offices.

In the past, barely one percent of women entrepreneurs and small businesses and were able to get bank loans, according to BWCCI’s research. Now, after BWCCI’s extensive advocacy with the Central Bank of Bangladesh, approximately $30 million has been allocated specifically for loans to women entrepreneurs, without collateral and at low interest rates. To date, nearly $23 million has been provided to over 3,000 women entrepreneurs, helping to create around 20,000 new jobs. In addition, all banks in Bangladesh must establish dedicated desks for women entrepreneurs, and banks must make at least five percent of their SME finance loans to women, according to Central Bank instructions.”

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Marc Schleifer

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Case Story on Transfer of Knowledge for Women Entrepreneurs

Dear Ladies,

I want to share with you this recognition from USAID, for our participation in the Knowledge Management Impact Challenge. Our case based on an experience on women entrepreneurs was the finalist. We are very proud to tell at the conference the importance of the transfer of knowledge for women entrepreneurs.

Thanks to women like you who motivates and inspire us to continue working for women.

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100th International Women’s Day, CNPWCCI

This year on 100th International Women’s Day, CNPWCCI (Central and North Women Chamber Of Commerce and Industry) has organized a three day event to celebrate through a series of Educational and Social Events (CNPWCCI) to promote our cause of Women Empowerment. CNPWCCI is a strong believer in health awareness of women, a sector which is badly neglected especially in third world countries. We believe healthy women are better economic drivers and great performers.

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CIPE Launches “KnowHow” Resource For Women’s Associations

In conjunction with International Women’s Day CIPE is launching KnowHow, a new online resource that matches the professional skills of corporate or individual volunteers with associations seeking technical assistance. Successful development is inextricably tied to the prominence of women as agents of economic, social, and political progress. Recognizing that women do two-thirds of the world’s work, but receive only ten percent of the world’s income, and produce half of the world’s food but only own one percent of the world’s farmland, KnowHow’s first batch of associations are women’s business associations. KnowHow benefits from CIPE’s experience working with civil society organizations in over 100 countries and CIPE staff perform due diligence on each association to determine its eligibility. The Women Entrepreneurs Support Association of Kyrgyzstan (WESA) is one of thirteen initial organizations selected to be a part of the KnowHow program. Continue reading ‘CIPE Launches “KnowHow” Resource For Women’s Associations’ »

Reflecting on Women’s Economic Empowerment

Women’s Day is now 100 years’ young, and this is the third women’s day for CIPE’s Community of Women Entrepreneurs (CWE). Looking back on what our contributors have said about empowerment in this forum, entrepreneurship has been a strong theme. Each author has expressed in her own way the meaning of economic empowerment and the road to empowerment. It leaves me wondering, is empowerment about the destination or the journey? I’m going to summarize the conversation thus far and ask you to continue it…

In speaking of women entrepreneurs, empowerment largely means independence. As an entrepreneur, a woman solves her own problems, becomes self-reliant, and raises self-esteem in the process. Importantly, she realizes her own potential, and simultaneously contributes to her family, community, and country.

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The Association of Business Women in Serbia to Launch a New Web Portal

March 8, 2011 celebrates 100 years of International Women’s Day and the Association of Business Women in Serbia is marking this day with the launch of the Serbian version of This web portal is based on the original Geschaeftsfrauenportal (Business Women’s Web Portal) which was developed by our German partner, jumpp-Frauenbetriebe (Frankfurt) in 2008. The goal of this partnership is to create sustainable new networks between these two professional organizations, as well as among members and other business women who find their counterparts and potential business partners from Serbia and Germany by using the newly linked web portals. In addition to networking among entrepreneurs within Serbia and Serbia-Germany, the registered users of the web portal can also find information on business news which are important for SMEs, useful links to resources about the legal framework for investments, access to EU funds and development projects open for business people and women entrepreneurs. Continue reading ‘The Association of Business Women in Serbia to Launch a New Web Portal’ »

International Women’s Day 2011

Where does the time go? Next week it’s women’s day again! There should be some interesting events going on, judging by past activities. Tell us about your event!

CIPE is teaming up with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Business Civic Leadership Center, the United Nations Office for Partnerships, the Global Business Coalition, and Girl Up to host a one-day conference at the United Nations in New York: “Investing in Women and Entrepreneurship: Solutions to MDG 3.”

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Call for Papers on Women’s Entrepreneurship for Women’s Journal

I have a few publications on hand right now and I hope to get connected with some researchers/academicians who wish to make a contribution towards any one of my journals at this point of time.

We have a few hard-bound publications for which we are now accepting papers for consideration. Two of the journals are women’s journals. One has a theme for its 3rd edition on women entrepreneurship in the NAM countries (as this journal is produced for the Women of NAM and it is called NIEW Journal – The Voice of the NAM Women). The other women’s journal is called Her Voice focusing on women gender studies, women’s empowerment issues, women’s health issues, policies and legislation, culture and not discounting women in business and employment as well.

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