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International Conference of Women Entrepreneurs Held in Kosovo

The 1st International Conference of Women Entrepreneurs was held in Kosovo on October 28-29, 2010. The conference brought together more than 170 participants from the business community, state agencies, financial institutions, international and national organizations, prominent businesswomen, as well as representatives from national businesswomen associations from more than 13 countries from around the world. The idea for the conference was strongly endorsed at the Presidential Summit on Women Entrepreneurship held in Washington D.C. (April 25-27, 2010), where women agreed that they would work together to improve the economic situation of women entrepreneurs around the world. The idea of a conference soon received a huge interest among women business leaders in Kosovo, Europe, the USA and the Middle East. SHE-ERA Board of Directors strongly supported the idea and the project as well, indicating that they would work together with the staff of SHE-ERA to make the conference possible. Continue reading ‘International Conference of Women Entrepreneurs Held in Kosovo’ »

Perspectives on Female Entrepreneurial Spirit in Latin America

The labor market in times of economic crisis leads to greater female participation (to compensate for male unemployment) even though the working conditions in the region remain poor and the gap in pay is unequal. The entrepreneurial spirit of Latin American women is present by demonstrating their skills and abilities proactive in seeking their own businesses. The entrepreneurial skills of women in the region play a predominant role in the microenterprise sector.

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) play a key role in the economic and social development of the region. Most of the growth in manufacturing comes from small and medium sized enterprises, which produce an elevated percentage of the industrial output and provide employment for the rural and urban labor force.

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Woman Vice President at FPCCI

Islamabad, January 27, 2011. The FPCCI has allotted a senior slot to the women entrepreneurs in its executive body by adding a new clause in its articles of association. The amendment has created a reserved seat of vice president for women entrepreneurs in the FPCCI executive body.

The decision was taken in the executive body in a meeting held simultaneously at Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi through video conferencing.

Dr. Shehla Javed Akram has been nominated for this seat as Vice President  of FPCCI for the year 2011-2012.

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Knowledge Portal for Women’s Entrepreneurship Development

The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development working group on Women’s Entrepreneurship Development (WED) hosts discussions on women’s entrepreneurship and seeks to share knowledge across agencies. Through its Knowledge Portal on the DCED website, WED provides several useful links to reports and publications on women’s issues. They have organized the resources into six themes including: overview, tools, and guidance; websites; country studies; WED and the business environment; WED and business development services; and WED and value chain programs. The recent OECD report on Aid in Support of Women’s Economic Empowerment and the USAID Gender Business Climate Legal and Institutional Reform Tool are among the many resources listed on the website. Country and program specific publications are also available. To view all of the resources available, follow this link.

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