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Female Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

The United Nations University has published a nice summary of what we know about women’s entrepreneurship in developing countries. Here are a few interesting facts from that publication:

  • Rates of women’s entrepreneurship are higher in developing countries than in developed countries. Why? Most likely out of necessity–it is more difficult for women to jobs in the formal labor market.
  • The gender gap in entrepreneurship is narrower in low-income countries than in middle-income countries. Again, probably out of necessity. Women in low-income countries are less afraid of failure.
  • Married women are more likely to become entrepreneurs than are non-married women.
  • Women-owned businesses tend to grow more slowly than men-owned businesses.

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The Coalition of Women’s Business Associations Sets a Good Example for Romanian Civil Society

A few months ago, the Coalition of Women’s Business Associations, Romania, submitted a protest to the Prime Minister’s Cabinet, in reference to a number of unfriendly fiscal and financial measures that the government has adopted, in order to increase its budget.

Under the slogan “We Care”, the Coalition suggested a set of ten alternative measures that should help support the business environment, especially because some fiscal measures that were adopted by the Government in 2009 have determined the closure of around 150,000 SMEs. CAFA proposed that, instead of those measures, which are simply aimed at raising more money now, the government should introduce measures that stimulate work and the creation of more jobs, and allow companies to become stable and even to grow. Such measures are: the elimination of the mandatory income tax income introduced in 2009; the elimination of the 5% and 10% late penalties that only private companies must pay (as opposed to state-owned companies, which are exempted from paying penalties); increasing the transparency of the laws on public acquisitions; simplifying the procedures for granting European funds to SMEs; introducing VAT deduction procedures for natural persons; eliminating the tax on reinvested profit, etc.

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