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Women’s Business Associations in Eurasia

Continuing its profiles of women’s associations, the Center for International Private Enterprise puts the spotlight on Eurasia. The Eurasia study includes a regional tour by Nargiza Mashuri of associations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, and Ukraine:

The overarching mission of many women’s business associations within the Eurasia region is the creation of favorable conditions for economic development, social inclusion, and strengthening of women’s influence on economic and social policy. Women’s business associations also seek to increase the competitiveness of business women, promote and protect their interests, and form effective partnerships and cooperation between women-owned businesses.

A case study on the Baikal Regional Union of Women “Angara,” by Bea Celler, explores this association’s successful programs and challenges:

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WEXNET 2010 at the Expo Center, Lahore

Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has been active in facilitating and promoting women entrepreneurs since last many years. TDAP has been instrumental in providing impetus to women development in exports by including women development programmes in its seven point strategy.

In continuation of this strategy,Women Exporters Network (WEXNET) is designed as an exclusive platform for women entrepreneurs from all parts of the country to put on display numerous products that they manufacture or market in a thematically classified environment. The idea is to encourage women of the country to come forward and play their due role in the economic development and uplift of the country.

WEXNET 2010, at Lahore had all the necessary ingredients of a successful international level exposition and offered everything which a woman entrepreneur may seek from an interactive platform of the highest profile to extract maximum mileage from the development of their businesses.

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7th Dosti-Women Entrepreneur Trade Expo, August 24-29, Bangladesh

We are pleased to inform you that after successful events in Syria, Bangladesh, South Korea, U.K and Italy, the Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India (CWEI) is once again leading the delegation of women entrepreneurs to the 7th Dosti-Women Entrepreneur Trade Expo 2010 from August 24th to 29th, 2010 at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Various products prepared by Women Entrepreneurs will be on display during the exhibition. The main features of the event are:

1. To provide a wide variety of products manufactured by women entrepreneurs from various countries in the Asian region under one roof for the convenience of Eid shoppers.
2. To promote networking amongst the participating women entrepreneurs from other Asian countries.

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