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Why Are Women-Owned Firms Smaller?

Sharon Hadary of the Center for Women’s Business Research has an article in the Wall Street Journal on “Why Are Women-Owned Firms Smaller Than Men-Owned Ones?

Based on her research, she believes that women are limited in business by their self-perceptions and the stereotypes others impose upon them. The challenges are related to the goals that women set, as well as their access to capital, markets, and networks. Hadary offers several recommendations, beginning with changing mindsets and the way women learn.

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YEGAP Special Issue on Women and Entrepreneurship

There has arisen a new class – the women entrepreneurs, who have accepted the challenges of life and have emerged as leaders in the socio-economic development – earning for themselves and for their families or contributing towards the socio-political upliftment of women. Not only have their greater participation in remunerative work improved their living conditions and provided bargaining positions in the households and wider community, but they are also creating opportunities for the general womenfolk leading to their economic progress and paving the way for a dignified survival through sustainable development.

YEGAP’s 5th edition on Women and Entrepreneurship  includes the articles:

  • “Dream Beyond What Is Possible” by Mukta Nandini Jain, Chairman
    of the Women Entrepreneurs Council of Asia Pacific
  • “Diamond Memories” by Noemi Lirag Saludo, Past President of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • And more…

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A Time for Women in Kosovo

Mirlinda Kusari, Executive Director of She-Era, at the CIPE Headquarters in Washington, DC.

On April 26th and 27th, 250 entrepreneurs from developing and developed nations joined President Obama for the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in Washington, DC. Among these business innovators was Mirlinda Kusari Executive Director of She-Era, Kosovo’s first NGO dedicated to women’s entrepreneurship and a former CIPE partner. CIPE took the opportunity to talk to Ms. Kusari about the initial forum that inspired her to found She-Era, the organization’s achievements in over a decade serving Kosovo’s female entrepreneurs, and the significance of the partnership with CIPE. To date, She-Era has trained over 5,000 women in starting up and operating businesses, and has provided mentoring and market research services to up to 10,000 entrepreneurs (both men and women) in Kosovo.

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