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Laurels of Honour 2009

This year Central and North Punjab Woman Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CNPWCCI) accoladed women entrepreneurs with Laurels of Honour 2009 for recognition of women extraordinaire  who have achieved remarkable accomplishments in their respective fields. This was the first award ceremony and will go a long way to acknowledge women who have made outstanding achievements in various walks of life, who are role models, who demonstrate initiative and pioneering spirit, who have contributed to the economic advancement of women and the quality of women’s lives in Pakistan.

More than 50 women were honoured at the ceremony from sectors such as banking, SMEs, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, IT, media, politics, education, beauty, community development, judiciary, art, entertainment, sports, gems and jewelry, construction and housing, services such as health care, hospitals, environment and manufacturing.

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New Radio Programs from Media Women Forum, Yemen

We at Media Women Forum are excited that three radio programs about women’s issues are going to be broadcast in Yemen. For the first time in the history of Yemeni media, an independent NGO is able to address people through all Yemeni radios.

Media Women Forum (MWF) signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Yemen General Corporation for TV and Radio on 12th April 2010. In accordance with the memo, Modern Yemen (MY), MWF Radio Production Unit will broadcast its programs through all radio stations. The memo was signed by Mrs. Rahma Hugaira, president of MWF, and Mr. Abdullah alZalab, the head of TRC, and Mr Ali Ala’atab, general manager of coordinating and exchange programs at Sana’a Radio Station.

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How to Start a Business

An entrepreneur is someone determined to remain independent, an innovator with the ability to identify and define creative market opportunities, a calculated risk taker,  and someone apt at applying resources to their full potential.  The guidebook, How to Start a Business: A Guide for Women, published last year by CIPE-Pakistan is a vital resource for budding entrepreneurs in Pakistan.  Though it’s focus is on women, the guide covers the general process of entrepreneurship and is applicable to both male and female entrepreneurs.  The guide outlines important preparations for becoming an entrepreneur and maintaining a profitable business, along with case studies of successful business strategies developed by women in Pakistan.

Download the guidebook How to Start a Business:  A Guide for Women.

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Connect to Empower — Maghrebi Women in the Private Sector

Maghrebi women have come a long way in terms of pushing for political, social and economic reform, integrating their participation in decision-making, creating enterprises, and making investments. However, they still have a long way to go in terms of maximizing their contributions to the private sector and using entrepreneurship as a means to overcome cultural and social barriers among women.

Entrepreneurial women in the Maghreb still represent a small proportion of the total population, and are divided over cultural, socioeconomic, and even linguistic lines. Whether it is an illiterate woman running a small home-based sewing business or a female fashion designer who graduated from France’s L’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (National Advanced School of Fine Arts), Maghrebi women are united despite such divisions by the goal to contribute to their own households and their country, and to use business opportunities to improve their own situation and build a better future for the region…

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Workshop on Financing Issues of Women Entrepreneurs

The Development Finance Support Unit, SBPBSC-Lahore arranged a workshop on the financing issues of Women Entrepreneurs on 9th March, 2010 at SBPBSC Lahore. The purpose of arranging this workshop was to discuss the finance related issues of women entrepreneurs with the senior representatives of banks extending SME finance in the Lahore region. In this workshop, the senior officials from the banking sector, chambers of commerce & industry and other relevant institutions participated and shared their views and experiences.

The unique feature of this workshop was that the women entrepreneurs who have actually faced difficulties in obtaining loans from banks shared their problems particularly with the banks whereas the senior bankers discussed their viewpoint in assessing SMEs for a loan and gave clarification on certain issues. The workshop was conducted in the form of the following presentations delivered by various stakeholders to discuss their points of view on the financial problems of women entrepreneurs/SMEs, the impact of finance on their earnings and policy recommendations.  

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