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CIPE 2010 International Youth Essay Contest

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) invites young people to share their ideas on how to create opportunities for youth to strengthen democracy and the private sector in their countries. Students and young professionals aged 18-30 are welcome to participate by writing an essay on one of the three topics: Democracy that delivers, Entrepreneurship and society, or Women and participation. Winning articles will be published by CIPE and receive a $1,000 honorarium.

Please visit the 2010 International Youth Essay Contest website at for further information and details about the contest.

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Survey on Current Status of Businesswomen in the West Bank and Their Business Environment

Business Women Forum’s (BWF) long-term vision is that the role of businesswomen as leaders will be well recognized in Palestinian society and reflected in legislation, regulations, and financial markets. BWF seeks to empower businesswomen to play an equal role and contribute to their full potential within a democratic Palestinian community and a vibrant, growing economy through leadership training, policy advocacy, and networking.

In order to gain a better understanding of the current status of businesswomen in the West Bank and how businesswomen perceive and experience the business environment, Riyada Consulting and Training has undertaken a comprehensive, quantitative and qualitative survey with a large sample of women business owners. The survey included women owning registered and unregistered businesses, as well as executive women in senior management and/or decision-making positions. The survey explored the women’s perception of the current business environment, their priorities and needs, and their interest in respect to business association membership.

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Successful Women Prove that Value Has No Gender

Each year the world celebrates March as a special month for honoring women. Different organizations hold seminars, conferences, and workshops about women’s role in the society, while media devotes a lot of attention to women issues.

But we at CIPE don’t think about women only in March. During the entire year we seek ways to improve women’s lives, their businesses, and their families’ livelihood. We work closely with women business associations, chambers of commerce for women, and other groups dedicated to building women’s leadership in public, community, and business life.

We’ve done many things in Romania to achieve just that…

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Empowering Women through Non-governmental Organizations and Women’s Business Associations

SMEs owned by women create the bulk of formal employment in most economies around the world. Women’s business associations can provide support for women-owned SMEs, and thereby assume the role of influential community change-makers and stakeholders. However, business leaders in developing countries, in particular women business leaders, face challenges that entrepreneurs in developed countries may never encounter. These barriers fall into two key categories: instability and infrastructure.

Closely tied to cultural, social, economic, and political country conditions, instability involves the struggles of women dealing with patriarchal restraints, corruption, and sometimes organized crime and war. Infrastructure barriers deal with weak or lacking institutions that inhibit women’s ability to conduct business. These include: property rights, recognition of women’s rights as human rights, accounting, taxation, and banking rules, and civil law. Overcoming the challenges posed by instability and infrastructure calls for an engagement of women’s NGOs and business associations as agents of change, as they advocate, support, and amplify necessary reforms

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CIPE Celebrates International Women’s Day

Join CIPE in celebrating International Women’s Day with exclusive blog posts and resources that capture stories and insight from our work with women around the world.

Learn more on the CIPE Development Blog.

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Questionnaire on Women Entrepreneurs in the Global Marketplace

Dear Community of Women Entrepreneurs,

My name is Dr. Andrea Smith-Hunter and I am currently a professor at Siena College in the United States. I am writing a book on women entrepreneurs globally and I would like European women entrepreneurs to complete the questionnaire available online at:

I hope the women entrepreneurs who are a part of this network will agree to participate in this study as soon as possible. Preliminary results from the study will be made available on June 30, 2010. The book, Women Entrepreneurs in the Global Marketplace, will be published by Edward Elgar Publishing in late 2010.

My hope is that the results from the study will provide the world with some additional insight on all women entrepreneurs globally.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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International Women’s Day 2010

International Women’s Day is already upon us again. How are you planning to celebrate? Last year at this time, on CWE we heard about special activities in Ghana, Bangladesh, Romania, Pakistan, and Nepal. What’s new and exciting this year?

Share your thoughts or activities related to Women’s Day and entrepreneurship:  Best wishes for a fruitful commemoration of women’s contributions to business and society.

Kim Bettcher