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Expo in Karachi, Pakistan – February 26-28

Apart from my own art gallery business, I have been very much a woman entrepreneur. Currently I am Consultant for Trade Development Authority of Pakistan. From Feb. 26th to 28th, 2010, a huge expo is happening with a handicraft hall, a women entrepreneur hall, a textile and apparel hall and all other sectors such as agro food, seafood, sports good, pharmaceuticals, surgical instruments, gems & jewellery, minerals, auto parts, engineering goods, herbals etc. The fashion shows are being held daily. Those who are interested to participate as buyers for outsourcing or as exhibitors kindly send me names and email also. 600 foreign buyers are visiting from all over the world. Our website is They can get all the info and they should download this form and give my reference and also let me know. My personal TDAP email address is I would like women entrepreneurs from different countries to visit, network and do business.

Mehreen Ilahi
Consultant (Fashion & Media)
Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)

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Empowering Women Through Business

“Few companies make social investments specifically aimed at empowering women in developing economies, but we believe that supporting this goal is good business and good practice for all companies. In the course of our work, we’ve uncovered a startlingly wide range of ways in which private-sector companies can offer sizable economic benefits not only to women and their societies but also to the companies themselves. The benefits to businesses come from enlarging their markets, improving the quality or size of their current and potential workforce (for instance, by attracting talent globally), and maintaining or improving their reputations…”

Read more about how helping women helps business and share some of your own experiences here.

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CWE Is Now on Facebook

For the Facebook lovers, we have a created a new community page. You can use it to get the community news and start conversations on expanding entrepreneurship. There’s no other page like it.

Visit the page and become a fan now! 

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Kim Bettcher

EUROCHAMBRES Women’s Network

Whereas Chambers of Commerce hardly represent a novelty to anyone, probably few people are aware of the existence of a Chamber of Commerce devoted to advancing women entrepreneurs’ interests.

Eurochambres Women’s Network was born in 2003, out of a need to include women and their activities, in the larger context of trying to create a competitive European Union. In addition, the creation of such a forum is based on the idea that women are confronted with particular obstacles in their careers and their attempts at entrepreneurship.

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Telling their Stories: Women Entrepreneurs in Faisalabad, Pakistan

After completing her studies in hotel and tourism management from Japan and Singapore, Qurat-ul-Ain had a thought one morning: “why not own a business?” The idea became the guiding star that led her to seek new horizons in the city of Lahore, Pakistan.

Starting up a business is highly demanding, yet enticing because the consolation prizes to be won are splendid. Qurat-ul-Ain says: “the biggest challenge starting out for me pertained to financial support and competition […] I had experienced all the difficulties that women face in the prestart up stage of their business. This is a time when women require very specific input and the right and proper guidance to ensure that they skim their ideas and do not give up.”

You can read more about Qurat-ul-Ain and other women entrepreneurs in Pakistan in the Sarsabz Foundation’s inspiring compilation, “Telling their Stories.”

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