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100th International Women’s Day Event

Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities: Progress for all

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Committee at the Nepalese Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Associations of Nepal, and the Fair Trade Group Nepal are hosting the 100th International women’s day event, Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities: Progress for all. The conference will take place on March 8 – March 11, 2010 at Bhrikuti Mandap and the Hotel De l’Annapurna in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The event will bring together women entrepreneurs from South and East Asian countries, in particular representatives from SME associations and federations, fair trade organizations, government agencies, and women’s human rights activists.

Visit the website of the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Associations of Nepal (FWEAN) and see the attached document for more information about the International Women’s Day Event Continue reading ‘100th International Women’s Day Event’ »

Women Bankers in India

From the New York Times:

“HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS and Fidelity International in India are run by women. So is the country’s second-biggest bank, Icici Bank, and its third-largest, Axis Bank….

In a country where parents in some areas still prize boys over girls; where overall female literacy rates are poor; and Sania Mirza, a top tennis player, said this month that she would quit playing after marriage, the banking industry’s wealth of women in management may seem surprising. But women in the industry, many of whom have also worked in London and New York, say India provided the right combination of supportive, mostly male, managers and a diverse work environment that did not require them to be ‘one of the boys’ to succeed.” Continue reading ‘Women Bankers in India’ »

Women’s Forum IV in Business Administration

The Al Joudeh Group for Studies kindly requests your participation in a Forum on women’s economic entrepreneurship. The Forum will be held from April 26 -28, 2010 at the Hotel Sham in the city of Damascus, Syria.

Objectives of the Forum:
1- to integrate young graduates with the business community.
2 -to encourage the establishment of pilot projects with a development dimension.
3 -to emphasize the importance of decent work in the social and economic development.
4 -to honor the work of pioneers and women with outstanding performance from inside and outside Syria in 2010.
5 -to hear of experiences and network among the members of the Forum.
6 -to activate the role of unions, organizations, and NGOs in the development of skills for women and youth in the labor market.

Discussion Topics:
1- the positive role of the media to stimulate the pioneering work of women.
2 -the first steps for small and micro enterprises in the context of microfinance.
3 -the role of government and private agencies in the work of recent graduates.
4 -the role of industrial cities in the establishment of business incubators.
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