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Women in the Lead

The event “Femeia conduce!” (literally, “The woman leads!”), which will take place on Dec. 15, is what Financiarul (“The Financial”) newspaper calls “the most important event dedicated to women entrepreneurship”. This is not too surprising given that the newspaper is one of the organizers, the other being the foundation “Mereu aproape” (literally, “Always close by”).

Nonetheless, this is a significant event if we think that the organizers are affiliated with one of the main press trusts in Romania. The event is part of a campaign designed to promote and encourage young women’s involvement in top management. Also, the first edition of a special calendar will be launched, with funding from one of the most active banks on the Romanian market. What makes the calendar special is that it features the most successful 12 businesswomen of the year 2009. The calendar is a limited edition and can only be acquired by online auction, on the website of the organizing newspaper.

The campaign receives active support from “The Businesswomen’s Club”, which gathers some of the most important women managers in Romania. The Club also aims to hold an annual project competition open to all young women. The winner of the competition will be offered membership in the club and will receive support and guidance in achieving her own goals.

Paula Anastasiade
Program Assistant
CIPE Regional Office (Bucharest, Romania)

Empowering Rwandan Women in Business

USAID’s Office of Women in Development and the BizCLIR project have released a report on the business environment for women in Rwanda. The report “identifies opportunities that can stimulate the country’s broader reform efforts with the ultimate goal of poverty reduction. In Rwanda, a common quote among stakeholders was ‘Poverty has a female face.’ Our evaluation provides the key areas for improvement for women as the country attempts to improve its position in the global economy, achieve the targets of Vision 2020, and takes advantage of the new East Africa common market. The report provides the Mission and other interested parties with an in-depth description of the key recommendations for change.”

Chapters include: institutional strengthening, entrepreneurial education and training, access to finance, and access to markets.

Read the report: “Rwanda: Investing in the Empowerment of Women in Business

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