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CWE Present and Future – Take the Survey!

The Community of Women Entrepreneurs is now one year old! Thank you all for your participation this past year. This is a good moment to reflect on the value this community offers and to see how we can improve it for the next year. Whether you use this forum a lot or a little, please take a moment to complete a simple survey:

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Kim Bettcher
Center for International Private Enterprise

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Women’s Business Associations in Africa

The Center for International Private Enterprise has released its second study of associations representing women entrepreneurs, authored by Toki Mabogunje and Liz Jackson. Read Women’s Business Associations, Experiences from Around the World: Africa.

Women’s business associations throughout the region can have exceptional impact by organizing trade fairs and conferences to promote intra-African and international trade. The most successful associations also will be able to provide valuable management training and enable their members to access global markets. With the assistance, guidance, and support provided by women’s business associations, many more women-owned enterprises have begun to export their products and are gaining increased access to credit to expand their businesses. Some associations have created platforms for women entrepreneurs to network with each other to develop an advocacy plan on local and national economic issues central to their own advancement. Women’s business associations have the potential to push their members toward increased engagement in policy advocacy and assist them in migrating from the informal to the formal sector.

The success of the Ghana Association of Women Entrepreneurs’ members, leaders, programs, and alliances makes it an ideal bellwether for women’s business associations in Africa. The organization has played an instrumental role in lifting the financial level of its members and their staff, families, and communities. As members’ businesses grow, the organization grows as well, providing new benefits for members. Perhaps the most important service GAWE offers is a multisegment course that teaches members how to run their own businesses, from developing business plans to obtaining bank loans. Most members have never had such training and owe much of their success to the training and mentoring provided by GAWE. GAWE was founded by Lucia Quachey, a CWE member and president of GAWE.

European Women Entrepreneurs and the Barriers to Economic Freedom

Women entrepreneurship is by no means an isolated phenomenon in Europe (and Romania, for that matter). Nonetheless, women still encounter various obstacles in the way of their economic wellbeing, much more so than their North American counterparts.

Prof. Viviane de Beaufort, who teaches Law at ESSEC France and holds a Jean Monnet Chair at the European Commission, is one of the scholars who have been studying multiple aspects of women entrepreneurship in Europe and North America. She has recently traveled to Romania to share the results of her studies in the context of the conference “Women entrepreneurship in Europe – dynamics and obstacles” (October 22, 2009), which was organized by the Association for the Promotion of Women Entrepreneurship (Romania), with the help of the European Social Fund. Continue reading ‘European Women Entrepreneurs and the Barriers to Economic Freedom’ »

TiE Stree Shakti: Enabling Women Entrepreneurship Workshop & Awards

The TiE Stree Shakti (TSS) Workshop and Awards is a forum for women entrepreneurs to create trust-based partnerships through active networking. The objective of TSS is to create a platform of belonging for women entrepreneurs.

Launched by TiE Mumbai (The Indus Entrepreneurs), this platform is a pan-India initiative to recognize, award and enable them. The awards ceremony will be hosted December 12 in Mumbai.

See details on the workshop at 

Study on Women Entrepreneurs

Dear Women’s Organizations,

My name is Dr. Andrea Smith-Hunter. I am a professor at Siena College in the United States and I am conducting a global study on women entrepreneurs.

I am writing to request your participation (and your members’ participation) in this study, by having the women entrepreneurs who belong to your organization complete the attached questionnaire. The questionnaire can also be found online at Continue reading ‘Study on Women Entrepreneurs’ »

CIPE Pakistan Roundtable: Beyond MicroEnterprise for Women

At 10am Lahore time (12am EST) on October 8th, CIPE Pakistan is hosting a Business Policy Roundtable on “Transforming Women’s MicroEnterprises into Small Businesses.” Follow live updates and participate in the online conversation on twitter (search for #beyondmicro) or facebook. Submit possible questions, comment on the action as it happens, and help bring this important and overlooked topic to a global audience.