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Recommendations and Communique from the 4th Global

Participants in the 4th Global Women Entrepreneurs Trade Fair and Investment Forum held in Accra, Ghana, from July 23 to 31, 2009, made recommendations for improving trade in the ECOWAS region. They identified goals for cross-border trade, capacity building, health care, food processing and packaging, and scientific information and technology. To achieve these goals, they called for women entrepreneurs in the region to come together to create a strategic plan, and they made recommendations to African governments and the international community.

Read the Recommendations from the 4th Global Women Entrepreneurs Trade Fair and Investment Forum

Lucia Quachey
President, Ghana Association of Women Entrepreneurs

Interviews with Toki Mabogunje, Expert on Small and Medium Enterprises

Read the interview in BusinessDay:
“Toki: Developing, Sustaining Entrepreneurs the Legal Way”

“Business development is her passion, law is her profession, women liberation is her message – for a truly developing economy with the needed infrastructure.”

Read the interview in the Nation:
“The Many Hats that Toki Mabogunje Wears”

At Toki Mabogunje & Co., “our by-line here is that we nurture enterprises for growth. I’ve realised that helping others to achieve their true potential is what makes me truly happy…

Part of wanting to help businesses develop networking is a very important aspect of consulting and this is how I’ve gotten involved in business associations. That’s why I’m involved in the Chamber of Commerce, NASME, AWLTT (African Women Leaders Think Tank) and so on.”

Women of Success

The goal of the Women of Success project was to promote positive values and to create awareness about successful Romanian business women. The core idea was to show people that success can be achieved, that regular persons who had the courage to start their own business are now the ones to speak about building enterprises and creating jobs.

The project was designed to feature stories of Romanian women who have become successful entrepreneurs in spite of all barriers. The business women, who are nominated by their respective associations, tell the story of their business careers and describe in their own words the secrets of their successes. This can be a source of inspiration for any women entrepreneurs’ association wishing to raise awareness about their activities and to promote the values of entrepreneurship in their respective societies.

Read more about the Women of Success project.

Paula Anastasiade
Program Assistant
CIPE Regional Office,
Bucharest, Romania.

Interview with CEO of Nigeria’s Oceanic Bank International

In a video interview presented by McKinsey, Cecilia Ibru, CEO of Oceanic Bank, explores gender norms in Nigeria and the balancing act involved in alternately defying and accepting them in order to achieve success as a woman in business.

In a related interview, Ibru discusses the current challenges of managing a bank in Africa, where the global economic crisis meets an ongoing local crisis of development challenges.

I expect Ibru’s remarks will provoke different reactions. See what you think.

Kim Bettcher