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Addis Ababa Women Entrepreneurs Association

Addis Ababa Women Entrepreneurs Association was established in May 30, 2000. The association has 225 active members. Most of the members are engaged in different business activities and participate in manufacturing businesses like tailoring, food processing, and leather. However, due to lack of information & entrepreneurship knowledge, most of them are not capable to be competent in the market.  AAWEA has members who have been awarded by Addis Ababa City Administration & Micro finance Development for their best achievement in promoting business.

AAWEA brochure part one

AAWEA brochure part two

Mekdes Dereb
General Secretary, Addis Ababa Women Entrepreneurs Association

Romanian Women Entrepreneurs in 2009

“For Romanian women managers, 2009 represents a more careful approach, business consolidation, building a healthy culture, and creating a business process…

In the next two-three years, the women entrepreneurial culture will develop gradually, on one hand due to the large number of women that start their own business, and on the other hand, due to the programs supporting women entrepreneurship.”

Here is a short article from Romanian newspaper Wall-Street. (Sorry, no English.)

Thanks to Melinda Muresan of AFAFCI, Association for Business Women and
Top Managers in Brasov, for sharing this article.

Art and Entrepreneurship

As founder & owner of Majmua The Art Gallery since March 17th 1994, I have tried to bring together various art forms, and make Majmua a burgeoning and momentous forum in Karachi and the art world in Pakistan. Majmua has also served as cultural ambassador to the countries where the shows were taken. In a matter of twelve years it has launched “Art Pakistan,’ a magazine on art, culture and heritage as well as produced a series of programs on art and culture under the same aegis. We intend to continue promoting Pakistani art in various ways.

I am also a filmmaker. The documentary film “Behind the Veil” was a thesis film for my Boston University Masters degree. The documentary intends to highlight the status of women, in a social, political and religious context and profiles women who have contributed their lives to their particular chosen oeuvre. ‘Behind the Veil’ has been shown in Pakistan as well as at the MESA Film Fest in Washington D.C. in 1995. The film won a human rights award in Pakistan in 2001. A fine-arts award was given in 2002 for dedication in the field of art. Continue reading ‘Art and Entrepreneurship’ »

Women’s Leadership Conference, Lahore

Over 150 women business leaders attended CIPE Pakistan’s Women’s Leadership Conference on June 25 in Lahore, Pakistan. Speakers included Eric Hontz, CIPE Global Program Officer; Despina Pascal, executive director of the women’s business alliance in Romania; and several well-known Pakistani businesswomen. Jehan Ara has nicely described the conference in her blog.

At the conference, the CIPE Business Guide for Women – How to Start a Business was launched. This is a Pakistan-specific guide to starting a business.

Handicraft Design Centre in Lahore

I am an executive committee member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Lahore and convenor of the handicraft committee of the Lahore Chamber. My field of business is textile finishing chemicals and I am successfully doing this for the last 10 years. I want to draw your attention towards the empowerment of women of this sector. Handicraft is 5000bc old culture of Pakistan and there is big potential of business in brass work, snake skin products and other embroideries. All we need is to develop one sample design centre and the function of that design centre is to develop designs according to international standards, provide raw materials and skills to women: how to fetch business through net and sublet orders to women under one roof. It will involve very little investment and could earn the investment back only in one year and the rest is profit. In this way if you pick only 500 women you are giving employment as well as skills and can save the cultural heritage of Pakistan. I am trying to get it done.

Nabila Intisar

Empowerment of Women Through Employment

Empowerment of women is a long cherished aim and various means are employed to reach out to women to help them to attain status, to make free decisions, and live a life of better standard. Empowerment, in no sense, means to ignore home or rebel against values but empowerment is a positive phenomenon for noble cause of a better and respectable life. This positive aim must be and can be attained well within our social values and the end is prosperity and self reliance.

In the present age of lack of resources, inflation, economic depletion, any individual and more so a woman cannot survive a dependent. A home cannot be run without creating income resources and keep on increasing these. A woman without a skill cannot be a good tool to contribute to any field of life and can never be an earning hand. Continue reading ‘Empowerment of Women Through Employment’ »

Contribution of Women to Economic Growth – District Mardan

District Mardan of NWFP in terms of trade and business has a significant position in the province. There exists an untapped potential for the promotion and development of trade and industry. However due to lack of entrepreneurial skill and professional training, the ability of local businesses to flourish and contribute to the economic development is hindered.

The business environment for women in Mardan reflects the complex interplay of many factors, which fall into two basic categories. The first category is made up of social, cultural, traditional and religious elements. The second category is induced by the factors of the first component, taking the form of constitutional structures, policy documents, regulatory arrangements and institutional mechanisms. However, women in Mardan do not have access to basic technical training to optimize their potential and generate sources of income. Continue reading ‘Contribution of Women to Economic Growth – District Mardan’ »