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President of Bangladesh Receives Women’s National Business Agenda

We submitted the Women’s National Business Agenda draft to Hon’bl President of the Government of Bangladesh. It was the first time our news was in the national television headlines. The President was happy to see the WNBA draft and he mentioned that it will hep the Govt. to promote women’s entrepreneurship as it has wide information and specific recommendations.

Read the story in the Daily Star: “President Suggests Women’s Chamber in Every District” (May 25, 2009)

Selima Ahmad
President, BWCCI

Established First Women Business Center (WBC): Faisalabad, Pakistan

Entrepreneurship is a collective process to be undertaken at a societal level, rather than an individual effort in the social vacuum. Despite several sincere attempts on the part of the government and civil society, the goal to ensure competitive enterprise continues to remain an unachieved goal. This is due to the fact that merely willingness of an individual entrepreneur was focused whereas the need to ensure meaningful involvement of various social actors was overlooked while implementing programmes aimed at empowering women economically. On the other hand, the potential of various public and private institutions, to support services for women entrepreneurs continues to remain unutilized. Continue reading ‘Established First Women Business Center (WBC): Faisalabad, Pakistan’ »

Women leaders in Pakistan – Reform in Process

The challenges to increasing female participation in mainstream economic activity, and the creation of leadership within women entrepreneurs, are manifold. These challenges range from social taboos; conservative lobbies; lack of access to education, information, and finance to discriminatory behaviors by male counterparts, severely inhibiting the ability of women to develop leadership skills and to participate in the policymaking process. Yet another complexity is the non-existent gender focused institutions such as women chambers, which generally act as facilitators in networking, mentorship, and learning opportunities.
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Association Leaders in Pakistan — Video Interviews

Hammad’s latest video reminded me of two other terrific videos of association leaders in Pakistan. Some of you have already seen these perhaps. In November 2007, the Overseas Chamber of Commerce & Industry appointed its first ever woman CEO Unjela Siddiqi. Then in January 2008, Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) appointed Jehan Ara as the first paid woman CEO.


Unjela Siddiqi – First woman CEO of a business association in Pakistan

Jehan Ara – First woman president of a business association in Pakistan