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Most Popular Posts of 2008

According to my website statistics, here are the three most popular posts to date on the Community of Women Entrepreneurs:

#1 First Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Pakistan by Shehla Javed Akram

#2 International Women Entrepreneurs Meet and Conference, New Delhi by Shashi Singh 

#3 The Power of Economic Empowerment by Pramila Rijal

Although I am pleased with this strong showing from South Asia, I hasten to add we had valuable contributions from Africa and Eastern Europe. A warm thank you to all of our authors!

Best wishes for a happy and successful new year.

Enclave for Women in Order to Eliminate the Middleman

Under the patronage of the first lady of Pakistan, Begum Fouzia Gilani, Punjab Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PWCCI) has laid the foundations of an Enclave for Women at Meena Bazaar Complex, Liberty Market, Lahore, Pakistan.

Unfortunately, due to lack of education, cultural constraints, most micro women entrepreneurs are deprived of the existing resources to sell their products in the market and get economically involved. This enclave has thus been established in order to assist and promote those micro women entrepreneurs who are deprived from doing direct businesses. Given the dearth of permanent sale point for women entrepreneurs in Lahore, Punjab, this enclave will provide a market place and display centers for women to exhibit and sell their products. This enclosure is rented to the low income earning business women at a meager rate of Rs. 100 per day.

The other major purpose of founding the enclave for women is to encourage people to provide an economic platform for local women entrepreneurs and bridge the gap between the micro women entrepreneurs and retail buyers and eliminate the middlemen. Thus the main objective of opening this enclave is to “empower the women by eliminating the middleman.” Continue reading ‘Enclave for Women in Order to Eliminate the Middleman’ »

Young Community Reaches 50 Subscribers

There is a lot of interest in women’s entrepreneurship! Since this community was launched in September, women in many countries have expressed a desire to learn more from each other. We now have 50 subscribers and a good number of authors sharing their activities and insights. The members are truly exceptional, so please take advantage of this audience and source of international ideas.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, you should click the link on the upper right of the home page to subscribe by email. That way you won’t miss any of the news. If you have stories to share, new discoveries, or questions for members, contact me at Let’s continue to hear more about how women are succeeding and what it takes to really move women’s entrepreneurship forward. It’s important to hear how individual women are taking initiative as well as how associations can serve entrepreneurs and what kinds of policies are needed.

Thanks to all members for your involvement already. Your voice and your attention are vital to allowing women to succeed.

Fourth Global Women Entrepreneurs Trade Fair and Investment Forum, May 27-31, 2009 in Accra, Ghana

The Theme for the Fair, organized by the African Federation of Women Entrepreneurs and partners, is “Women Entrepreneurs’ Promoting Intra-African and Inter Continental Trade: Tool for attaining MDGs 1, 3, 5 & 8”. The focus on this theme is to increase the production capacity of women to move informal export activities to formal, increase market share, create more decent jobs, reduce poverty on sustainable basis, in order to meet the Millennium Development Goals 1, 3, 5 & 8. Alleviating poverty through entrepreneurship is a key tool for economic empowerment of Africa women. Women entrepreneurs must be encouraged to bring out their potentials in order to be visible in their national economy and relevant in the global economy.

We would appreciate if you would join AFWE, GAWE, GEA and other partners to organise the 4th Global, as well as disseminate this information to as many organisations as possible. Be part of this unique opportunity to join the growing number of companies who see a bottom-line benefit to supporting women entrepreneurs. Women in Africa do not sit and watch intra-African, global trade and Regional Cooperation go on without your full participation. Be part of the solution to poverty eradication through fair trade and Regional Cooperation.

Read the press release for details on the fair.

See the program for the 4th Global and the communique from the 3rd global.

Young Feminists In Action

An initiative emerged from the AWID’s Conference aim to create specific actions at an individual, organizational, community as well as at national level a shared understanding of the key factors driving economic hardships and HIV and AIDS epidemic so as to minimize hunger and the effect of the AIDS epidemic respectively. Continue reading ‘Young Feminists In Action’ »