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OPEN DAY Programme on Business Support Services

Women Resource Centre at LCCI Lahore has started a series of the programme “open day.” The 1st of its kind was held on 4-5 Nov 2008 at LCCI Lahore. During this programme various organizations involved in the support of business were invited to give presentations. Organizations who participated were Google, Trade development authority, Smeda, SME Bank, ARY Global gallery Dubai, BSF, Vision consulting and Lahore Women University.

The basic concept was to give introduction of these organizations to our members who are in business or want to do business. Continue reading ‘OPEN DAY Programme on Business Support Services’ »

E.networking a Useful Tool for Women Entrepreneur Community

As we have observed women all over the world are playing a dual role: one at domestic front and other at businesses so they find comparatively less time for networking that can help them in their business skills. E.networking can serve a useful tool for them to remain in touch while staying in their comfort zone. This community network blog is a useful tool in this respect. Similarly Women Resource Centre of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry has developed its own website where all the activities relating to women in business are displayed. All community members can go through this site and give us their feedback.

Iron Ladies of Liberia

Last night I watched a fascinating documentary about Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first woman elected president in Africa. “Iron Ladies of Liberia” follows President Sirleaf’s first year in office as she tries to steer her country through the challenges of post-war reconstruction and heavy national debt. The film strikes a good balance between inspiration and realism as she contends with corruption, land disputes, and political challenges. The film left me wanting to know more about Liberia’s other “iron ladies”–in particular the women who kept commerce and the economy going while the men were fighting. Liberian women took many risks to shoulder the economy and feed families during that time, and will be a key part of Liberia’s economic future. That’s a story waiting to be told. Watch the preview of “Iron Ladies of Liberia” here.

International Women Entrepreneurs Meet & Conference, New Delhi

Exhibition 14th to 27th Nov. 08
Conference 17th and 18th Nov 2008
At IITF, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Focus: Youth on the Road to Entrepreneurship

Dear Madam,

We are glad to inform you that we are organizing our Annual Event- International Women Entrepreneurs Meet & Conference 2008 IWEM&C, at IITF Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

The focus of this years event is – Youth on the Road to Entrepreneurship and will be held on 17th and 18th Nov 2008. Entrepreneurship is very important for a healthy economy. Successful enterprises can bring about a major social change in our community and society by creating jobs, providing employment opportunities, thus eradicating poverty in the country. On the other hand the enterprises are themselves also a demanding factor for new products as they sustain, grow and expand.

CWEI, Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India, a registered civil society voluntary organization has been working in this direction for the last 12 years, providing the much needed backward and forward linkages to marginalized sections of the society, especially women and their families

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Speaking at Nepad G8 Africa Infrastructure Investment Conference, London, 29th to 30 June 2009: Your Support Please!

In its aim to promote not only Unity but as well as Economic Empowerment of women on the African Continent, it’s crucial for women of Africa to be represented in more economic Development Events.
When discussing with the Organizers of the Nepad G8 Africa Infrastructure Conference, due to take place in London, from 29th to 30th June 2009, it came to our conviction that once again women have been left out, that there was no representation from women of Africa among the participants, taking in consideration their crucial economic role and efforts on the Continent. For that reason I found it necessary to take part at this conference, not only to represent women of Africa but also to speak on their behalf.

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Higher Education, Gender, and Entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe

The education system in Zimbabwe has long suffered from an insufficient focus on teaching practical skills, limited access to higher education opportunities, and unequal access for girls to specialized fields such as science. Education reforms should increase employability and entrepreneurship by increasing access to information, cultivating life skills, and engaging the business sector. Read the article in CIPE’s Economic Reform Feature Service,The Pursuit of Higher Education in Zimbabwe: A Futile Effort?