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Leading Women of Africa

Leading Women of Africa is a Pan African forum uniting women leaders in order to find ways and means to contribute to the maintenance of peace and stability in the continent through unity and economic empowerment of women in Africa in the 21st century. Key programmes include the Women Rebuilding Africa Programme, business development units, the annual conference, and the magazine Feminar. Read more about Leading Women of Africa.

Formidable Businesses of Women Is My Vision

Read Selima Ahmad’s story and vision in the news article “Formidable Businesses of Women.” Also by Selima: “Women entrepreneurs need something more than lip-service.”

Networking through SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Chamber Crafts Village

Hello Members,

I would like to provide you some information on one of our South Asian project focused on strengthening trade links among the woman entrepreneurs. Any queries on business interests with SCCV would be welcome.

SAARC Chamber Crafts Village (SCCV):
An outlet dedicated to Business Alliances for Women Entrepreneurship Development

The SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Chamber Crafts Village Project initiated by the Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs Associations of Nepal is a not for profit company registered with the Government of Nepal. It comprises a group of enterprising women who have one common vision, reinforcing the visibility of women entrepreneurs by fostering professional growth and creating better market opportunities through sharing of technology, trade information and building linkages for collaborative projects. The SCCV also aims to work towards developing social entrepreneurship culture.

SCCV is focused on exchange of trade information, entrepreneurial skills and building trade links among the Women Entrepreneurs of the South Region. The SCCV serves as the information and marketing resource body by facilitation of trade activities through intra exchange of products and services among rural, semi urban and urban women producer groups, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, professionals and service providers in the South Asia Region.

A retail outlet has been established to show-case the skills of the Women Entrepreneurs from the SAARC Region. Each country products is displayed through this outlet.

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Women empowerment in Riyadh

Hello everybody,

I would like to share this article “Riyadh’s women’s mall lifts veil on business” with you for your comments on the project as to whether this project is our need today or it’s just one of the Royal Ideas. By the way Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also designed a somewhat similar plaza “Meena Bazaar” for women entrepreneurs. Our idea is to provide low rental shops in the plaza located in a very busy market known as “Liberty market,” in Lahore, Pakistan. The rental will be on the pattern of microfinance i.e, payment of 2 dollars per day inclusive of utilities, security, maintenance etc to encourage small business women and even home based women entrepreneurs to enter seriously into the competitive business market and develop demand based products. This project will further enhance the involvement of the women and assist in women empowerment of the modern Pakistani women.

We tried this earlier about two years ago but did not get the results. This time we have selected the best place in the city and in much more organised manner. Let’s see what results we get. Our targets are to develop women shop owners with their own local market and enter independantly into export market.

Thanking you.

Dr. Shehla Javed Akram

The Global Growth of Women in Business

Here’s a classic article from a 1999 special issue of Economic Reform Today: “The Global Growth of Women in Business.” In this article, Susanne E. Jalbert comments on the economic contributions of women and describes roles that women’s business associations can play in supporting their members and enhancing business women’s impact. You may also enjoy other articles from this special issue on Women: The Emerging Economic Force.

Women can play vital role in mental health awareness in communities

On world mental health day 10th Oct celebrated world over i had great opportunity to attend one programme at Fatima jinnah medical college today where families patients mental health professionals media and literary people were present and deliberated on the subject “how to improve the condition and what is the role of each person in this respect.

Female audience outnumbered the male in this gathering and it gained the attention of most of the speakers. An important comment made by many of them was “Women can play a vital role in spreading awareness on mental health issues and response of the environment and communities in this respect. The reason being women nurture the future, starting from home to business environment they can help in changing the stigmas associated with mental health problems so that as community we help in solving these problems.

As global economy we are facing many challenges in the world and one of the challenges is to share the world natural resources for survival of every one not only for the big giants. Now this sharing concept relates with behaviour science covered under mental health.

Women  Let us start sharing and supporting each other to send a positive message across board for better mental health and happiness!

Breaking the Barriers

Belonging to a Conservative Pukhtun family of the North West Frontier Province in Pakistan, a mother of three, I was the first woman of the family to venture into the business world. For me this was an extremely difficult decision. At first, my family was not in favour of it, but I had the strong backing and support of my husband, who believed in me, the potential I had, and how much I could contribute to the Pukhtun society on the whole. He strongly believed in the economic independance of women, as that inculcated self respect, which in turn lead to the family and society respecting you at large. So he supported me all the way and said that I had to be an example for other Pukhtun women who wanted to venture out into the world and be successful.

As the saying goes…….”A JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES BEGINS WITH BUT A SINGLE STEP.” Continue reading ‘Breaking the Barriers’ »

Leadership with strategy for sailing through the main stream

Women in Pakistan are passing through a period of transition where on one hand they are struggling to get away with social stigmas and barriers while on the other hand making their role understood on the economic and political fronts.

Talking about women entrepreneurs their presence is felt and need for improving their competitiveness is greatly realized in the recent past.

Lahore chamber of commerce and industry, the premium chamber in Pakistan in terms of its old history and contributions towards trade and industry always had women entrepreneurs as members however their participation in the main stream activities was never realized untill 2007 when a long standing dream comes true “Inaguration of Women Resource Centre” at its platform with the help of CIPE. Continue reading ‘Leadership with strategy for sailing through the main stream’ »

First Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Pakistan

“Because only women know what women want”

In April 2002, Dr. Shehla Javed Akram laid the foundation Punjab Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PWCCI) by encouraging a group of committed women entrepreneurs. The concept was simple: to provide a forum solely dedicated to advocating the cause of women entrepreneurship. The concept of a separate chamber of commerce and industry for women entrepreneurs is not new: in countries such as Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc women chambers of commerce and industry have been functioning for years. The Punjab  Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been modeled on the existing chambers working in various parts of South-east Asia.


The guiding principle of the women chamber is a belief that economic empowerment of Punjabi women will help them take their rightful place as a powerful business force in Pakistan. Through our commitment to promulgating the cause of women entrepreneurship, the women chamber hopes to expand the cumulative financial strength of business women in the Punjab, create powerful new economic platforms, and instill a spirit of economic empowerment amongst women at all levels. Continue reading ‘First Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Pakistan’ »

Bank Campaign for Business Women

Starting from May 2008 a private bank active on the Romanian market, Credit Europe Bank, has decided to get involved in supporting business women. It launched a campaign dedicated to women entrepreneurs under the slogan “Women Love to Hear Nice Figures”. Any SME where at least one woman is shareholder, manager or administrator is eligible for participation. The bank provides a wide range of credits and savings products for SMEs under favorable conditions to companies owned or managed by women. As part of this campaign the bank also launched a portal dedicated exclusively to business women (
Besides the information about the bank’s products, the portal highlights success stories of women entrepreneurs and supporters of women entrepreneurship. The portal is available in Romanian and English.