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Women Doing Business in Africa

The World Bank’s Doing Business project has turned its attention this year to the challenges that women face doing business. One of the first publications in its current research on the subject is a series of profiles on women entrepreneurs in Africa - Doing Business: Women in Africa. I believe they will be featuring other regions of the world later this year.

The Power of Economic Empowerment!

Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. However, this is not difficult anymore. The SAARC region is boasting of world’s few women in the highest positions, serving as sources of inspirations for women from other parts of the world. A woman president in Sri Lanka, women Prime ministers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the historical change in the Presidency of India-First lady President Honorable Pratibha Devisingh patil. However, while few SAARC women have made it to the top, the irony remains that the rural masses of women in this region still suffer from abstract poverty and face difficulty in even exercising their voting rights.

Empowerment of women in South Asia has remained a challenging issue. It has received increasing attention in the region especially in the last two decades. The issue involves national as well as international dimensions. The vast women of South Asia are conditioned to be socially and economically dependent not only because of the underdevelopment of the entire region but also due to a conservative social and cultural system. Continue reading ‘The Power of Economic Empowerment!’ »

How Should Consultation Work?

Jehan Ara has written a fascinating, play-by-play account of an IT policy consultation in Pakistan–complete with debates over seating arrangements and agendas. Read it on Jehan’s site.

Grant Opportunities for Women’s Civil Society Organizations

The International Republican Institute has established the Women’s Democracy Network and is currently accepting applications for grant opportunities. Read the Request for Statements of Interest for details. The deadline is October 10!

Interviews with Women Leaders

McKinsey Quarterly has published the findings of a study of 85 women around the world. ”Centered Leadership: How Talented Women Thrive” presents five dimensions of leadership: Meaning, Managing Energy, Positive Framing, Connecting, and Engaging.

Women’s Empowerment at World Movement for Democracy

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) organized two workshops on women’s empowerment at the Fifth Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy in Kiev. The first workshop focused on cross-regional challenges facing women and sharing strategies for success. Then, a special one-day conference of CIPE partners engaged in brainstorming on how to further help empower women in economic and political spheres.