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Regional Center for Organization Management Hosted Balkan Women Coalition Seminar and Workshop in Bucharest, Romania

The Regional Center for Organization Management (RCOM) has recently hosted in Bucharest, Romania a seminar and a workshop of the Balkan Women Coalition.

The events were organized with support from the European Union, through the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme, as part of project titled: “Balkan Women Coalition for Professional Qualification and Training in the Field of Business and Economic Science”.

Women entrepreneurs and managers, representatives of business associations and companies from seven countries in the Balkan Region attended the two Balkan Women Coalition events. The participants came from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.  

The seminar „New Opportunities in Business and Development” took place at the Uzinexport Business Center in Bucharest on March 18-19. Topics on the agenda included changes in the business environment and consumer profile, the importance of analyzing markets correctly, the elements of a business plan, the importance of organizational culture in developing companies, cooperation versus competition and the impact of the global market: local versus global companies.

The workshop “Women Entrepreneurs and Their Role in Promoting Corporate Governance” was held on March 20-21. The participants had the opportunity to discuss, exchange views and learn more about corporate governance principles, Board of Directors’ roles and responsibilities, methods and tools that can be used to evaluate the Boards’ performance, corporate governance as an antidote to corruption and what women entrepreneurs and associations can do to promote corporate governance.

The Regional Center for Organization Management (RCOM) is a Romanian foundation that was created in 2007 by the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).

What’s Missing from the 2011 World’s Most Powerful Women List?

Forbes Magazine recently released its annual list of the World’s Most Powerful Women and with nearly half of this year’s power women coming from the business sector, an increase of over last year’s 39, businesswomen are proving to be a force to reckon with.

There were in fact several changes to the 2011 list, including new additions and higher rankings of returning power women, but one thing that has not changed much is the presence, or lack thereof, of businesswomen from emerging markets. Of the 49 businesswomen on Forbes’ list, a mere seven stem from emerging markets, and similar to last year only one, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, is an entrepreneur.
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Lessons in Women’s Leadership from the Democracy That Delivers Conference

Professor Stephenie Foster of American University wrote an excellent synopsis from the conference on Democracy That Delivers for Women: “Building Women’s Leadership in Business & Politics“  (Huffington Post, June 21). Drawing four lessons, Prof. Foster examines the significance of women in key leadership positions, routes to leadership, the case for promoting women, and networking.

Also, check out the photo slide show from the conference.

Kim Bettcher

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A New Secretarial Mandate for the Coalition of Women’s Business Associations (Romania)

Created in 2004 with CIPE support, the Coalition of Women’s Business Associations (Romania) has built a sound reputation for itself over the years, and is now acknowledged as a credible partner in the public-private dialogue on economic policy-making. The Coalition has a rotating secretariat and 2011 marks the beginning of a new secretarial mandate, which has been conferred upon the Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Romania, which is based in the city of Galati.

The members of the Coalition hosted a ceremony in order to celebrate the occasion. Through its President, Elena Cismaru, the Association of Women Managers in Valcea handed over the mandate to the Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Romania, represented by President Gabriela Chiriac.  The participants engaged in discussions about the Coalition’s activity in 2010, its plans for 2011, as well as a number of imminent amendments to the Romanian Labor Code.

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Forbes Most Powerful Women

Among the 100 most powerful women in the world according to Forbes, 39 are businesswomen, 8 of whom are businesswomen from emerging markets: Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, India, China, and Kuwait. The overall list–which includes politicians, media personalities, fashion designers, singers, and athletes–has only a handful of entrepreneurs, and I could find only one entrepreneur from emerging markets. She is Maha Al-Ghunaim, cofounder of Global Investment House in Kuwait.

This kind of list only shows the tip of the iceberg, but it’s interesting to see how women of various backgrounds around the world are attracting attention.

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The Association of Business Women and Top Managers – the Case for Success

CIPE’s most recent case study on women’s business associations focuses on Central and Eastern Europe, and features Association for Women Entrepreneurship Development President Cornelia Rotaru’s case study on one of the most resounding success stories in the region – the Association of Business Women and Top Managers (AFAFCI), in Brasov county, Romania.

CIPE Regional Office has had the pleasure of sharing the study with its partners in the Coalition of Business Women Associations (CAFA) and the Balkan Coalition of Women Business Associations. The two coalitions were born with CIPE support and CIPE Regional Office’s direct involvement in 2004 and 2005 respectively, AFAFCI being one of both coalitions’ founding members. CIPE Regional Office will also be represented at a press conference to be held in Brasov, in August, whose purpose is to disseminate the findings of the study, and more specifically the findings of Ms. Rotaru’s case study.

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YEGAP Special Issue on Women and Entrepreneurship

There has arisen a new class – the women entrepreneurs, who have accepted the challenges of life and have emerged as leaders in the socio-economic development – earning for themselves and for their families or contributing towards the socio-political upliftment of women. Not only have their greater participation in remunerative work improved their living conditions and provided bargaining positions in the households and wider community, but they are also creating opportunities for the general womenfolk leading to their economic progress and paving the way for a dignified survival through sustainable development.

YEGAP’s 5th edition on Women and Entrepreneurship  includes the articles:

  • “Dream Beyond What Is Possible” by Mukta Nandini Jain, Chairman
    of the Women Entrepreneurs Council of Asia Pacific
  • “Diamond Memories” by Noemi Lirag Saludo, Past President of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • And more…

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Laurels of Honour 2009

This year Central and North Punjab Woman Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CNPWCCI) accoladed women entrepreneurs with Laurels of Honour 2009 for recognition of women extraordinaire  who have achieved remarkable accomplishments in their respective fields. This was the first award ceremony and will go a long way to acknowledge women who have made outstanding achievements in various walks of life, who are role models, who demonstrate initiative and pioneering spirit, who have contributed to the economic advancement of women and the quality of women’s lives in Pakistan.

More than 50 women were honoured at the ceremony from sectors such as banking, SMEs, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, IT, media, politics, education, beauty, community development, judiciary, art, entertainment, sports, gems and jewelry, construction and housing, services such as health care, hospitals, environment and manufacturing.

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Successful Women Prove that Value Has No Gender

Each year the world celebrates March as a special month for honoring women. Different organizations hold seminars, conferences, and workshops about women’s role in the society, while media devotes a lot of attention to women issues.

But we at CIPE don’t think about women only in March. During the entire year we seek ways to improve women’s lives, their businesses, and their families’ livelihood. We work closely with women business associations, chambers of commerce for women, and other groups dedicated to building women’s leadership in public, community, and business life.

We’ve done many things in Romania to achieve just that…

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Women Bankers in India

From the New York Times:

“HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS and Fidelity International in India are run by women. So is the country’s second-biggest bank, Icici Bank, and its third-largest, Axis Bank….

In a country where parents in some areas still prize boys over girls; where overall female literacy rates are poor; and Sania Mirza, a top tennis player, said this month that she would quit playing after marriage, the banking industry’s wealth of women in management may seem surprising. But women in the industry, many of whom have also worked in London and New York, say India provided the right combination of supportive, mostly male, managers and a diverse work environment that did not require them to be ‘one of the boys’ to succeed.” Continue reading ‘Women Bankers in India’ »